5 Ways To Boost Your Mood At Work

By Women Love Tech
on 28 March 2018

We can all get in that mood slump at work. Whether it be stress, anxiety, or you may just be so plain bored you end up on Facebook.

There are some solutions in boosting your mood at work, we’ve listed a few to try and help you get through that work day.

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1. Decorate your space

Choosing fun desk accessories that appeal to your creative genius senses will greatly lift your spirits and you can even try selecting colours that are believed to improve well-being.

For example, pink encourages creativity, originality and self-esteem while orange fosters a feeling of community, joy and belonging. Choose purple if you want to feel more wise and mature and green for growth and prosperity.

You can also think about some new coloured pencils or pens and a colouring in book. Childish? Not at all. Many studies have shown that colouring in for adults can help reduce anxiety and stress. So a five minute colouring in break may be just what your mental health needs to keep going on with the work day.

2. Green tea
Like many of us, you’re probably a coffee person. Which makes sense as it is believed that caffeine helps to block the receptors that react to stress, and studies have found that caffeine actually triggers the release of dopamine in your brain which has been found to sharpen focus and improve your outlook….all things we need for a successful day at work.

But what about moving to green tea instead of that second or third coffee? Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that will help keep your mind and body healthy and alert.

3. Hydrate
While a coffee or tea is a great way to stay alert, remember to keep yourself hydrated with water throughout the day. Dehydration has been found to negatively affect our moods, even mild dehydration can cause that “low” feeling, so having a refreshing glass of water can actually, scientifically improve our state of mind.

Let’s not forget that water also wards off headaches and also boosts brain power, so it really is the ideal tool to ensure a happy and productive day at the office.

4. Get your groove on
There is no question that music is a great motivator, have you ever tried going to the gym without music? It’s just not the same. Listening to music you love while you work helps to dull the background noise and makes work a little more fun.

3. Be kind
As Ellen says, ‘be kind to one another’. Random acts of kindness are a sure-fire way to boost your mood and put a spring in your step, and implementing them in to your work day couldn’t be easier.

Things like leaving some change taped to the vending machine for the next person, cleaning the microwave (even though it isn’t “your job”), giving a shout out to a co-worker for a job well done or leaving a kind note on a colleagues desk are all great ways to not only improve your day but also someone else’s day too, and couldn’t we all use a little more kindness?

You know those songs you love that give you chills? Scientists have found that listening to your favourite music actually releases the pleasure chemical, dopamine.

Keeping a positive mood at work can be hard when you’re stressed or bored out of your mind. Try to find the positive at work, and make sure you take care of your mental and physical health.

5 Ways To Boost Your Mood At Work

Women Love Tech thanks Belinda Lyone, General Manager at COS for this article.

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