How To Buy A Great Selfie Stick And Take Quality Pictures

How To Buy A Great Selfie Stick And Take Good Pictures With It

Selfie sticks aren’t just for celebrities and teenagers. They can play an important role in improving your photographs and videos for social media and online.

Selfie sticks or poles are extension rods used for taking photos with smartphones (and GoPros). They were invented way back in 2005 by a Canadian but first gained popularity in Asia.

Features to Look For 

The best place to find a stick might be your local camera shop. Prices for a selfie stick range widely from AUS$10 on eBay to around AUS$140 at a camera shop.

When deciding which one to buy you need to make sure that it is the right size to fit your mobile phone (Note: you might need to take the phone case off, especially if you have a front cover flap).

Other factors to consider are:

  • How far does it the arm extend?
  • Can you adjust the angle of the camera easily? Does it allow for 360-degree rotation?
  • How heavy is the material?
  • Does it come with a built-in button for syncing with your smartphone via Bluetooth or a remote control?

Selecting a selfie stick with Bluetooth connectivity allows you to take the photo remotely from up to ten metres away, which is perfect for group shots. You can expect to pay more for a lightweight stick, as these are usually made with aluminium.

Use a selfie stick to look better on your own and take picture with a large group of friends.
Use a selfie stick to look better on your own and take picture with a large group of friends.

Taking good photos with a selfie stick 

If you are taking a photo of yourself, it is best to stand diagonally away from the camera, so your hips appear smaller. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff by placing your hands on your waist and tilting your front knee.

To avoid a double chin don’t pull your chin in. A good trick for a selfie is to hold the mobile phone higher than you and angle it downwards – this angle will give you a slimming effect.

To take a shot where you need better stability, you can take the phone holder off of the stick and screw it into the top of a tripod. This is a great hack for taking video with your smartphone.

Selfie-stick advice

Always check any popular tourist spots and events to see if there is a selfie-stick ban in place. Practice makes perfect is always a good motto when taking photos, especially when you use a selfie stick.

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