Catch Box Breaks The Ice And Lightens The Mood

Mauricio Espinoza
on 1 November 2017

Most people are afraid to speak in front of their peers, but now it is a whole lot easier with a new device called Catch Box – the first throwable microphone.

This colourful invention was designed to have excellent audio quality and to easily break the ice and thus lighten the atmosphere in any type of event.  To date, the experiences have been rewarding and the device itself has helped make participants feel more relaxed, encouraging even the timidest attendees to speak up.

The system is very simple and does not need a complicated manual, it is an interesting concept that works like a wireless microphone, but you have to throw it to be used. The only thing you need to know is that you have to talk inside the box. Its electronic composition silences the audio temporarily when it is in the air until it is caught.

Catchbox in two versions (pro/light) adapts to different sound systems, either for small groups or for rooms with thousands of attendees. Only with a movement of twist and drag can the lock be opened, which allows access to the electronic components that are inside. The materials are light and soft, combining light foams and the hardest devices are inside the core of the box, its outer cover is specially treated with a nano Teflon coating that repels dirt and prevents stains. Also, all components can be replaced if there is any wear and tear.

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