Clipchamp Teams Works With Zoom So You Can Make Videos Of Your Meetings

Pamela Connellan
on 24 February 2021

These days in our socially distanced world, video conferencing has become the standard for communication. Whether it’s for workplace meetings or social gatherings, people got creative when they were told to stay home and video conferencing with Zoom became the norm. But now we need to know how to edit and work with the videos we’ve made better – and this is where Clipchamp Teams comes in.

Because of the huge uptake in video, many of us are now trying to essentially become a video editor. We’ve made videos of meetings and we want to be able to utilise these recordings. Australian company – Clipchamp – has some new software available now called Clipchamp Teams, in partnership with Zoom, which firmly addresses these needs so you can work on these recordings and become a video editor overnight.

What does Clipchamp Teams do exactly?

Built for everyday editors, Clipchamp itself provides video editing software and there are already has over 13 million registered users worldwide. Clipchamp is a mover and shaker in the video space and recently partnered with Dropbox and Box to enable customers to import and export their content more easily. Clipchamp Teams also offers a Progressive Web Application (PWA), which is available to all Chromebook users.

But Clipchamp Teams offers a bit more because it fast-forwards through complicated software and equipment to focus on the features and tools that anyone can use to create professional-looking videos quickly. The in-browser platform gives users access to video editing tools and features, from simple cropping and resizing, to special effects like transitions, motion titles and Green Screen.

Clipchamp Teams

Users also have access to an eight hundred thousand asset strong stock library and hundreds of editable video templates.

Clipchamp spokespeople say the product will keep your backgrounds fresh, make you look good, and even help you stay fit. They’ve also made it easier to import Zoom cloud recordings for use in Clipchamp projects.

So what do you end up with?

Using Clipchamp Teams, you can add graphics and titles to your videos so those who were unable to attend can still catch up with the meeting. Or if it’s a more social thing, you can edit the highlights of your family video and then send it to those who live further away. 

It’s all a lot easier using Clipchamp Teams. For more info see here.

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