Could Your Purse Book Your Next Uber?

Emilia Archibald
on 31 July 2017

If it’s a feature customers want, then yes the answer is your purse could book your next Uber, according to Krissie Millan from global fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff. “It’s all about creating ways to simplify a woman’s daily life whilst always looking fabulous,” she adds.

Speaking exclusively to Women Love Tech, Krissie Millan – Vice President of e-commerce and Digital Innovation for Rebecca Minkoff – explains how technology is hard wired in the company’s DNA.

From the way the brand communicates with millennial women across social media, to delivering ‘must have’ functionality in product, like phone charging, notifications, or alerting her to special offers and exclusive content when she scans the inbuilt RFID chip in her purse.

Krissie Millan, VP e-commerce and Digital Innovation for Rebecca Minkoff.

The caution with technology for team Rebecca Minkoff is to never forsake good design in order to offer the latest tech.

Krissie, who was in Sydney for the Online Retailer Conference and is a member of the Remodista Women To Watch community, is careful to point out ‘It’s not tech for tech’s sake’.

The question always asked is ‘how can we include functionality that will enhance women’s life day to day some way?’.

Knowing that beautiful design resonates with customers above all else, the sleek new line of Rebecca Minkoff watches feature simple low tech analogue functionality. This follows the hi/low tech trend pervading millennial lifestyles and expertly knowing where and when to apply it to their product development pipeline.

Never far from the creative process are Rebecca Minkoff customers, who are always invited to review, contribute and feedback before the team launch any new product at scale. A hallmark of the brand’s success, this is how the needs of customers are kept at the heart of everything they do.

At 18 years old, Rebecca Minkoff moved to New York City to become a fashion designer.

So what type of tech can’t Krissie live without? Like many of us, her phone is her lifeline with apps like WhatsApp to keep her connected 24/7 around the globe…and Medium so she can snack on lifestyle content to keep up with the latest. She also has a soft spot for Alexa, featuring in two rooms in her small New York apartment. Aside from the content basics such as news and weather Alexa has a very special job in Krissie’s life – to keep her connected to her pet via ‘doggy cam’ when she can’t be there.…a simple benefit of how a tech enhanced lifestyle enables the purest of heartfelt emotions.

Check out more fashion and tech products on Rebecca Minkoff’s website.

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