Caseable: Create Your Very Own Laptop Sleeve

Frederique Bros
on 6 May 2013

Become the designer. Create your very own laptop sleeve. Upload photos, add text, select your add-on-features, and more. Few weeks ago, Caseable sent me some samples, and I was amazed about their quality products. Most of all before becoming the founder of Women Love Tech, I worked for 10 years as a Graphic/Web Designer. This is why aesthetic and creativity are very important to me.

It’s a real pleasure to introduce you Caseable a young, urban company offering custom products for laptops, kindles, iPads, e-readers, tablets and smartphones.

This is a screenshot of my own montage, very easy to use and fast photo upload!

Hand-crafted products from Brooklyn to Berlin

Local production allows Caseable to be involved in the development of every case ordered. With central offices located in Brooklyn, NY and Berlin, Germany, caseable is able to directly connect to our consumers and urban market.

Recycled materials

We pay special attention to product quality and materials. All our products are – to the greatest extent possible – made from durable recycled materials. For example, we try to source only green neoprene for our laptop sleeves and also the strong cardboard in our iPad and Kindle cases is recycled. Oh, and our iPhone cases are made from recycled plastic bottles!

Art and inspiration

Creativity cannot exist without a source of inspiration. In order to foster your artistic abilities and help you create truly unique products, we created “caseable x,” a collaboration project with a hand-picked group of artists from North America and Europe. Use their work and make it part of your daily life or simply feel inspired.

Visit Caseable Australia website today and be your own designer.

About Caseable

Co-Founder Klaus Wegener and Marvin Amberg founded caseable in 2010. Bored by the same black laptop sleeves in New York subways, they made it their mission to bring colour and style into play; and with that business idea, the start-up was formed.

Everything first began for caseable in a warehouse in Brooklyn. The years to follow saw continuous growth and success and the addition of an office in Berlin.

As well as offering personalized, printed on-demand laptop sleeves, caseable also offers many more protective accessories for electronic devices like phone covers, Electronic Skins, and tablet covers. Today orders are shipped out from caseable’s local production site in Central Germany.

At the start of 2016, Fabian Louis took over from Marvin Amberg as managing director. 2017 was the first profitable year for caseable.

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