Customize Your Makeup Styles Based On Your Individual Skin Tone

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Tired of the same old makeup look every day? Want to see examples of how a grey smokey eye pairs with pale pink lips or maybe how a winged cat eye pairs with red lips? Beauty Mark Pro is user friendly with virtual portals that allow users to swipe through features and create their own look. Customize Your Makeup Styles Based On Your Individual Skin Tone

Customize Your Makeup Styles Based On Your Individual Skin Tone

Choose from four beauty styles: Natural, Dramatic, Glamour and Bridal. Customize your makeup styles based on individual skin tone. Select over 200 different eye, cheek and lip looks. View the technique gallery with “how to” video or written instructions. Other features include: Instant Share via Facebook, Recommended products section, & “Ask the Pro.”

– 3 Skin Tones – 4 Beauty Styles – Over 200 Eye, Cheek, Lip Combo’s – 180 How-to-Videos – No Ads


Beauty Mark is the first Beauty Mark tutorial app that lets you put your own look together. Pick from 4 different style categories of Beauty Mark looks then select your skin tone and see the model appear.

Customize Your Makeup Styles Based On Your Individual Skin Tone

Beauty Mark takes the guessing out of choosing the perfect makeup combinations for your complexion. Is a cat eye and a matte red lip too much? Or could it be your new signature look? With this app, you can find out in seconds.

Customize Your Makeup Styles Based On Your Individual Skin ToneFeatures

– With one swipe, tailor your favorite beauty look to your needs & instantly learn how to re-create it.

– With a swipe of your finger you can then mix & match various eyes, cheeks, and lips until you get your desired look. The combinations are endless.

– Then click to see a “how to” video or step by step instructions and a product list.

– Watch 30 different videos that will help you create the perfect look from day to evening.

– See how a grey smokey eye looks with pale pink lips or a winged cat eye pairs with a red lip before you try it on yourself. Have a beauty related questions?

– Click “Ask the Pro” to get custom advice from the Beauty Mark makeup artist!

– This app is like having a makeup artist in your pocket. Make your mark with Beauty Mark!

My favorite part is: once you decide on a look, you can watch a tutorial or read step-by-step instructions on how to duplicate it exactly, which includes access to a full product list. There are 180 how-to videos on the Pro app (we know how we’re spending our next long weekend!), which cover the basics and more, but if you’re still feeling iffy about anything makeup-related, you can easily ask the Beauty Mark team for advice. It’s like having an on-call makeup artist in the palm of your hand!

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