A Cute Little Apple To Charge Your Devices

By Frederique Bros
on 5 March 2014

Is there anything more annoying to run out of battery in the middle of a busy day? There are lots of chargers in the market to help you with this inconvenience, but who can’t resist a cute little apple to charge your devices. The digital age is here and the majority of the population has a smartphone, or even two! It is the inevitable next step that the users of these devices need to be supported by additional battery supplies to ensure they are not left without a flat battery at an inconvenient time or an emergency. Roaming Connections present Power Banks to keep you connected in any situations.

Power Banks

  • Keeping the GoPro charged during a driving expedition
  • Kids iPods charged on a long road trip
  • A camping trip
  • Attending business meetings while in transit all-day
  • An event where you are using your phone to take photos and post them on Facebook.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suits majority of mobile, smartphones and tablets
  • High capacity
  • Get a power charge without the need for mains power
  • Keep one in the car, office, briefcase, laptop case or handbag so you never have a flat battery again!


  • Press the leaf for on/off control
  • Quick charge
  • Available in hot pink, pink, apple green, lime green, sky blue, pearl white
  • Compatible with the majority of mobile phones, smartphones and other handheld digital devices
  • Comes with the following connector tipsMicro USB, Mini USB, NDSL, Nokia N70, LGka800, PSP, Samsung G600, Samsung G800, Sony Ericsson K750, iPad and iPhone 3/4/4s & iPhone 5

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