Daily Gloss

By Frederique Bros
on 28 April 2013

A special thank you to Jeannine O’Day, the owner and editor of the sexy blog: Daily Gloss.

Last week, Jeannine wrote an amazing article about Women Love Tech. Jeannine has an amazing writing style and a sense of fashion like no others. I met few times Jeannine, and we always have passionate conversations about women entrepreneur, technology, fashion and France. I love smart women with high energy level and Jeannine is certainly part of this category.

We are looking in the future working together on diverse projects, so there are big chances, I will write more about her and her fantastic blog. Until then find below an extract of her article.

“It seemed fitting that I first meet Frederique Bros in a Surry Hills cafe where we are seated, Brassiere style, in woven cane seats facing a busy street.  Like the cars speeding past us, Freddie is travelling very fast in the techno world.   With her straight black hair tied back she looks every bit the well groomed, sexy French lady we expect to see hurrying through the rainy streets of Paris onto some glamorous affair.  Hardly what I expected from the woman behind techno blog Women Love Tech.

I’m sorry, but technology can seem a very odd category space for women and I am sure that most people think of geeky men who look like Bill Gates when they think of a blog dedicated to all things technology/gadgetry and apps.  But once you get to know Freddie you can help but be seduced by her enthusiasm for the sector and you find yourself asking her all manner of questions – like which Apps should I have on my iPhone or what is the latest in personal management or sports training systems.  Trust me she knows this stuff!”

I invite you to read her complete article and to visit her well-established blog. Daily Gloss


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