Daniel Craig Answers Our Burning Questions About His Time As James Bond

Pamela Connellan
on 9 October 2021

In this recently interview with GQ magazine, Daniel Craig answers the Internet’s burning questions about his time as part of the James Bond 007 franchise. Of course, the latest and 25th movie in the James Bond franchise – called No Time to Die – is now screening around the world and will be in cinemas in Australia and New Zealand on 1th November, but this is is the last Bond film for Craig and who is the next Bond is anyone’s guess.

Craig answers questions like “What convinced him to sign onto ‘No Time To Die?'” and “How was it working with Phoebe Waller Bridge?” As well, he tells us what’s his favorite James Bond gadget and how working on the franchise has changed him – as well as a whole pile of other information.

In a nod to the changing times, No Time to Die features two tough, kick ass female agents and who knows where this is going to lead for the future of James Bond. Some have even touted the next James Bond will be female.

The theme song for No Time to Die is performed by Billie Eilish and she wrote the song with her elder brother, FINNEAS, making the duo the youngest artists in history to write and record a James Bond theme song.

While other movies ended up being released on streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Netflix, this was never an option for the latest James Bond film because the movie cost over $400 million Australian dollars to make and it’s reported it needs to take in US $900 million just to break even – making it the most expensive Bond movie ever made.

For more on Daniel Craig, take a look below at Daniel Craig and his best times as James Bond for six minutes straight…

No Time To Die Will FINALLY Be In Cinemas Soon

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