The Dating App Using AI To Catch Cat Fishers!

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 15 December 2023

Online dating can be awkward. However, the introduction of AI technology can certainly make the search for true love (or even a friends-with-benefits arrangement) infinitely easier. After all, if you’re not sure of a smooth opening line to hit up your Hinge match, you can always ask ChatGPT! 

And, while Gen Z may generally have command of the online dating space, Artificial intelligence does present some unique challenges. Particularly in the realm of security and the growing concern of scams and fake profiles.

Picture this. You’ve connected with someone who seems like your potential soulmate. Only to discover that their entire online persona – from photos to bio and even voice messages – is a creation of AI. An unsettling scenario that showcases the emotional consequence of technology falling into the wrong hands.

However, hoping to help is Colin Hodge. With the founder of the Down Dating & Hookup App, aiming to use AI to catch out cat fishers at their own game. “Companies need to take a proactive stance with AI, using it to counteract any potential negatives it might bring. Because while AI can empower users, it also introduces the risk of scams and fraud. Making it the responsibility of companies to stay ahead of these challenges,” he says.

“At Down, AI has become an invaluable weapon in the ongoing battle against scammers,” says Colin. “For example, in the past, users mentioning certain words like ‘money’ or ‘Snap Chat’ triggered flags. But, this approach often led to false bans and an excess of manual review work. The integration of AI changed the game. Allowing the app to understand the context of user conversations and significantly reducing the number of mistaken bans.”


One notable application of AI in combating scams in Down is face detection. “We use AI to learn what photos scammers tend to use. This makes the detection of scammers using similar photos in the future much faster,”  explains Colin. “The Down team is committed to refining these processes. With the ultimate goal of having AI play a leading role in catching scammers,” he adds.

Dating apps and AI: How Down is catching out scammers
Down Dating App and AI

The results of these proactive measures are impressive. There has been a 550% surge in matches made by Gen Z users, who constitute 50% of the dating pool on the app. Comparing user data from 2022 to that of 2020, it’s evident that the strategic use of AI on Down not only ensures the wellbeing of users but also enhances their dating experiences without compromising security.

Ultimately, given that the essence of online dating lies in connecting with genuine human beings, not Artificial Intelligence bots, the use of AI in dating apps is a delicate dance between innovation and user safety.  However, one that DOWN users have definitely fallen for! 

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