Do You Know Your Twitter Shortcuts?

Frederique Bros
on 6 July 2020

Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media to use and to connect with the world. But do you know your Twitter shortcuts?

If you use the main Twitter website, we can help you out with some seriously useful and easy keyboard shortcuts. Whether it’s navigational tricks or keyboard actions, these handy shortcuts will save you tons of time. I’m sure some will make sense to you and others will become essential in your everyday tweets.

B = Block user

F = Favorite

J = Next Tweet

L = Close Open Tweets

M = New Direct Message

N = New Tweet

T = Retweet

U = Unblock User

GA = Activity Page

GC = Connect Page

GD = Discover Page

GF = Favorites

GH = Home

GM = Messages

GP = Profile

GR = Mentions

GS = Settings

Space = Page Down

/ (Forward Slash) = Search

. (Period) = Load New Tweets

? (Question Mark) = Load Shortcut Menu

Trust me those Twitter Keyboard will save you tons of time!

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