Entrepreneur Jay Rosenzweig Pioneers the Tech C-Suite Gender Equity Movement

By Women Love Tech
on 3 March 2022

Historically, tech has been a male-dominated industry. Women have found it difficult to participate and ascend to leadership positions. While social justice efforts of the last century have ushered in crucial changes to some extent, there is still a major gender gap that persists in tech leadership. According to the ” 2021 Women in the Workplace” report, only 24% of all C-suite positions are occupied by female executives.

The benefits of closing the gender gap in the corporate world have been well documented for decades. Studies have correlated the diversity of gender in C-suite positions with increased profitability. While many companies have taken note and made efforts, progress has been slow as businesses fail to approach the issue efficiently. However, there are many indications that the closing of the gender gap might be accelerating.          

Few names are as well-known as that of Jay Rosenzweig, CEO & Founder of Rosenzweig & Company, when it comes to advocating for building gender equality at top levels of business. Rosenzweig is an internationally renowned social impact entrepreneur and humanitarian lawyer. He leverages his academic training and work experience to revolutionize the search industry, while also championing gender equality and global human rights.

Championing the Gender Equity Movement

Jay Rosenzweig smiling
Photo credit: Jay Rosenzweig, with permission

Rosenzweig is the person behind “The Annual Rosenzweig Report” which not only tracks gender equality in the highest levels of leadership but also promotes ideals of inclusion & equity in all industries. With 17 reports already published, personalities and leaders like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sheryl Sandberg, Alyssa Milano, Mark Cuban, Ndaba Mandela, and Van Jones have praised Jay’s efforts.

Findings from this year’s report stated that there are 50 female Named Executive Officers (NEOs) at Canada’s 100 largest publicly-traded companies, out of 525 executives. While these numbers are still underwhelming, they show progress has been made when comparing it with the 23 female NEOs in 2006.

Resisting Opposition to the Movement

Not many people are open to supporting a cause that potentially puts them in a more vulnerable position. This may explain why some men are hesitant of disturbing the status quo in tech and corporate leadership.

However, there are men out there that see gender disparity as a grand issue. As part of his mission to change the leadership landscape, Ronseweig had to deal with resistance from men in corporate America who proved reluctant to change. This resistance was one of the main reasons for the creation of the report as hard numbers and personal experiences have proven to be better at fomenting change. 

As Jay put it: “My intent was —and is – to provide corporate leaders and boards with information that would put their own practices and progress into statistical context, and perhaps inspire them to do better. The report reflects my belief, supported by a number of studies, that companies benefit from having greater diversity at the table when reaching business decisions. Most importantly, it reflects my belief in the moral imperative of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all.”

Becoming a Spokesperson for Change

Jay has taken his mission to the road. As a highly sought speaker for conventions and panels, Jay uses these platforms to raise awareness of the issue. The social impact entrepreneur will be joining names like Nicole Buffet, Adrienne O’Keeffe, Beth Beiriger, Mark Cuban, Steve Aoki, Jennifer Esposito, and Neil Strauss in NFTLA on March 28 to discuss web3, NFT, Sports, Music, Entertainment, and of course, gender equality in leadership positions.

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