The Figr App: Fashion For Playful Stylists

By Frederique Bros
on 20 October 2013

All fashionistas, editors and stylists talk about this beautiful app. The Figr app lets you mix, street style, runway and fashion blog looks. Figr is the new fashion app for playful stylists, or wannabe stylist, meaning you and I.

It is a fun app for fashions fans and probably on the long run will be a very useful one to the professional in the industry. Stylists can mix and match looks to help them in creating editorials.

Designers can create looks for the campaign and see which tops look best with which bottoms. Editors (and us) can play outfits for fashion week.

Co-founder Lauren Levinger explained: “We decided that the app should feel aspirational but accessible at the same time. The brands we launched with were those we felt people both in the fashion industry as well as fashion fans would identify with. In addition, all of the brands you see on the app now, really resonated with our team. The bloggers and the photographers on the app were people we felt truly had a strong point of view, which is why we selected them for the launch.”

Figr App Features

  • The Figr app is beautifully designed
  • Re-style looks from the runway, lookbooks, fashion blogs, and street fashion.
  • Post your outfits to share them with your followers, Facebook and Twitter.
  • See what looks your friends and fashion tastemakers have created and join in on the conversation.

How the App Works

  • Figr provides users with image libraries that include not only runway images–but also street style images–all of which are current.
  • The app allows you to create outfits by changing the top, middle, and/or bottom portions of the image with a simple swipe.
  • For instance, the top could be Gucci, the bottom Celine and the shoes Louboutin. Or, you can combine a runway look with a street style look.
  • The app also allows you to save, share and browse outfits with ease.

Figr is a fun and beautiful new way to consume and create fashion on your phone.

Imagery Credit: Figr

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