Five Reasons the Nokia G22 is the Perfect Taylor Swift Eras Accessory

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 28 February 2024

Preparing for a Taylor Swift concert is kind of a big deal. There’s the obvious (which Era will your outfit represent). Alongside the less visible challenges. Will your phone battery last long enough to capture all your fave Tay Tay performances? Can it take a decent selfie? And, will it actually match your Lover look?Solving all these dilemmas – (while giving a subtle nod to Taylor’s iconic track 22) – is the the aptly named Nokia G22. A smart phone with both style AND substance, this cute peach-hued pocket rocket (dubbed one of the best inventions of 2023 by TIME Magazine), left no “Blank Space” for those looking for a device to help prep for a night of music and memories. Here are five of the biggest reasons we packed it alongside our cowboy boots and fringed sequin jackets.

Perfectly peachy

The peachy hue of this phone (Pantone’s Colour of the Year) made it a perfect match for Lover Era-inspired ensemble.

Picture to burn

With its 50 MP rear camera, the Nokia G22 ensured we captured every moment with crisp clarity. No more blurry concert memories!  Plus, there’s a bunch of different shooting modes – including an excellent night mode. Which meant we we were ready to capture the day’s occasion’s biggest moments. Everything from friendship bracelet swapping to a surprise song. Or two…

Taking Charge

The Nokia G22 also boasts a battery that lasts a whopping three days between charges. Meaning, we didn’t have have to worry about missing a beat during Taylor’s epic performances.  The battery also holds over 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles.

Nokia G22

Swiftie Sounds

The best way to get into the Era’s vibe? Play all your favourite tracks in the leadup to the big night! The Nokia G22 delivered exactly that. Allowing us to play every album on repeat with enhanced clarity and bass thorough its OZO Playback. Plus, the audio boost feature lets you turn up the volume for an immersive concert experience.

Breaking records … Not phones….

Finally, as well as reducing the concern associated with losing a pricey piece of equipment (did we mention that it only retails for $349 – making it cheaper than the price paid for some tickets!) the Nokia G22 boasts self-repair qualities. With QuickFix repairability, you can replace the battery, screen, and charging port yourself. And while we didn’t have to take advnatage of them on this particular evening it was certainly helpful to know that this device was capable of staying in top shape for all our Era adventures!

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