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Fossil X Crosley Release Retro Record Inspired Turntables And Watches

Fossil X Crosley

With record sales increasing every year, this new limited edition range from Fossil and Crosley is going to sell quickly.

Fossil and Crosley Watches

These watches are based on Crosley’s iconic record turntable with grooved details and spinning disc for a second hand. With a black leather strap and timeless design, these are going to become your go-to everyday watch.

The watches come in two sizes – 42mm case and 36mm case suitable for both males and females. Each watch is numbered (with only 500 made of each size) and packaged in an exclusive Crosley X Fossil tin.


Fossil and Crosley Turntables

The limited edition record players are an exciting design collaboration between these two brands. The players have Bluetooth speakers, whimsical graphics and two-tone metal details that match the watch and tin. Only 1000 turntables were produced so you’ll need to be quick to snap one of these up.


These vintage-inspired accessories that will bring music to your ears and wrists for music lovers.



Written by Emma Crameri

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