The Dream Collective Boss Sarah Liu On Tech, Leadership And Empowerment

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on 25 July 2017

Meet Sarah Liu – the highly inspirational founder of The Dream Collective. Sarah launched the women’s networking organisation in 2012 and in five years has turned it into a global corporate leadership training platform.

Women Love Tech caught up with the Australian entrepreneur, and asked her to tell us what inspired her to launch the Collective and in particular the Emerging Leaders Program.

Here is what Sarah Liu told Women Love Tech:

The Dream Collective’s Emerging Leaders Program was inspired by the MBA syllabus of the world’s leading business schools. The program shapes and equips high-potential young women in business with the skills, confidence, network and knowledge necessary to advance into leadership positions.

The Program’s Think Tank Series encourages collaboration through facilitated discussion, debate and skills training to deliver to members the skills and knowledge required to success in today’s ever-evolving and highly competitive corporate landscape.

The Dream Collective has also announced an Emerging Leaders Bootcamp in Sydney on August 1 2017. This is an intensive program, covering the breadth of the Emerging Leaders Program in a condensed timing to allow a more focused approach to learning.

Tell us about the mission of The Dream Collective. 

At the heart of our business we have a social mission and I’m privileged to be able to make a lasting impact on the women who come through our programs. The Dream Collective’s impact on women’s career trajectories trickles over into their trajectory in life, so it’s a very special feeling.

Sarah Liu, founder of the Dream Collective

How has technology helped your business – both as a start-up and then helping to grow your business?

Technology has played a monumental role for the continued growth of the business.

As a business with satellite offices interstate and across the world we rely heavily on cloud and community tools such as Dropbox, Zoom and Slack to work seamlessly as a united team. As we continue to scale and move into new markets, technology will facilitate this growth and will allow us to do it quickly and effectively. Essentially, there has never been a better time for startups and emerging businesses to establish themselves and grow, and this is due to the accessibility of new technologies.

How do your customers benefit and how does it make life easier?

Immediacy is the big one for customers. Technology allows users to access and communicate information instantly, and limits turn around in regards to customer questions and inquiries. The seamless, reliable and consistent communication between The Dream Collective and its customers makes everyone’s lives easier and ensures our customers are happy and we are running a quality offering.”

Do you have further plans to integrate other technology within the business?

Absolutely. We are looking at integrating HubSpot to streamline our marketing and sales processes. We are also launching a new learning management system at our Bootcamp in August for the cohorts that come through the Emerging Leaders Program. Instead of using Slack, e-mail or traditional communication channels, the system will allow our growing community to connect with one another, access and exchange reading materials. It’s essentially a modern, online university.

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Can you share with us 4 of your favourite apps and why?

  • Slack – for the ease and fun of communication.
  • LINE – this is similar to WhatsApp, but it has the most amazing emojis. You don’t have to communicate with words, and I love the stickers and characters!
  • Plann – So useful for scheduling my Instagram posts.
  • Blinkist – I love the novelty of it – nonfiction books made into powerful packs that you can read or listen to in 15 minutes.

What tech gadgets couldn’t you live without and why?

My QBracelet from Ladyboss Global. It connects to your iPhone via a built-in Apple Lightning connector and provides up to an extra 50 per cent charge. It’s extremely convenient for work travel and when I’m on the go, in between meetings.

Is there any advice you can share for start-ups in regards to which technology they shouldn’t live without?

At The Dream Collective we are always asking ourselves how different processes can be made better using technology. Today, more often than not a technology already exists that can make processes run more smoothly or effectively, so I’d encourage startups to be alert and always keep an eye out for new technologies and apps.

What would you tell your 20 year old self? 

Never let anyone else tell you what you can and can’t do. Other people’s imagination only becomes your limitation.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

Nothing is impossible – the word itself says ‘I’m possible.’

You can find out more about Sarah Liu and The Dream Collective, here:

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