This Free App Will Take Care Of Your Customer Issues

Frederique Bros
on 22 June 2016

This young startup has a creating a smart app that will manage your business problems for you such as; complaints, banking problems, late delivery or defective product.

They’ve created an iOS only (for now! but their websiteService on the web: is mobile friendly for all other users) app that lets you outsource calling your cable company to our team of dedicated experts.

They’ll actually take care of any of your customer service issues- totally free. You just tell them what happened, upload any supporting documentation, and wait! They’ll get you regular updates on the issue until it’s resolved.

For now, their most popular use case is travel. They handle a lot of complaints related to things like delayed and cancelled flights; they’re typically able to get compensation in the form of miles or vouchers for your lost time. As mentioned, they can help with virtually any issue, from late deliveries to getting items repaired under warranty to getting a refund when your hotel ends up being infested with bedbugs.

Service – Free App – Apple

The only things they can’t handle are issues with government agencies. 

How Does It Work

This Free App Will Take Care Of Your Customer Issues

Service helps when something goes wrong between you and a business, for FREE. Why waste your valuable time calling customer service or filling out a bunch of online forms? Just tell them what happened—our chat bot will quickly gather some information and then pass it over to their agent to get started. They’ll reach out to the business and work their magic so you can get back to doing what you enjoy 🙂
• Delayed or canceled flight?
• Defective product?
• Overcharged?
• Late delivery?
• Insurance issues?
• Banking problems?
• Anything where you feel let down by a business.


“Service did it. And got my charges reversed. The whole thing took about half an hour. Oh, happy day!” – CNET

“Most on-demand apps make us feel indulgent. But Service has the potential to take something really awful and make it marginally better.” – BuzzFeed

“Why have I never heard of Service before? Sounds like a better headache reliever than Excedrin ;)” – @chris_howard87

“Continue your travels. Call a family member. Go have a fantastic meal. Meanwhile, Service is hard at work for you, solving your issue.” – TravelPulse

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