Game Changers: Meet Story Match Founder Dionne Taylor

By Presenter
on 20 April 2021

Dionne Taylor began her career as a journalist and, at age 23, she launched her first business Polkadot Communications. At the time, she was one of Australia’s youngest PR innovators.

Working in the media industry for so many years, Dionne realised there was a more efficient way for both brands and journalists alike to work together. Two years ago, she came up with the idea and started to develop her new app, Story Match. She sees it as the next step forward for all media industry parties, including PR/Communications Agencies and a chance for all brands, whether they work with agencies or not, to get noticed by the media.

After an extensive testing period with journalists and brands alike, Story Match is now available on both Apple and Android’s App Store for the pubic to download by visiting

Dionne Taylor, Story Match
Dionne Taylor, Story Match Founder

About Story Match

Story Match is an innovative app and desktop platform to connect brands with the relevant members of the media (journalists/producers/influencers) using swipe technology and real-time private chats allowing members of the media to curate the content they want to see at the same time allowing brands to pitch stories in a fast and effective manner. 

Dionne Taylor, Story Match
Edwina Bartholomew and tech entrepreneur Dionne Taylor

Story Match replaces the need for press releases (and agency fees), and for journalists/producers it will mean no more irrelevant pitches blocking their in-boxes.

Story Match is accessible to all businesses big or small. You don’t need to have a PR manager do it for you, you can do it yourself. 

It’s free to use for all parties at the basic level but also has a standard, premium and enterprise version on a subscription basis. 

Dionne Taylor, Story Match
Edwina Bartholomew, Dionne Taylor and Robyn Foyster

For more information, check out:

Story Match is available on iOS and Android


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