Smashed Your Smartphone? Here’s What To Do And How To Protect It

Emeric Brard
on 20 April 2021

We’ve all smashed a phone screen at least once in our life. You took it out of your pocket awkwardly and it slipped through your hands or you threw it on your bed only for it to bounce off the surface and smash against the wall. It happens.

The thing is to recognise the likelihood is it will happen again and next time you need to be ready and protect yourself against it.

Get a protective case

It may not be what you want to hear because “it looks so much better without one” – and although I agree, that $150 cost to repair the screen hurt a lot more.

We recommend Tech 21’s Evo Check for iPhones and Androids because they:

  • Protect from drops of up to 3.6 meters
  • You can personalise your case
  • It’s light and slim
  • Great price at $59.95 and under for latest phone models from Apple, Google, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, OnePlus and LG

With the recent release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note S10, S10+ and 5G, Tech 21 has released three new cases: Pure Clear ($59.95), Evo Check (Indigo, Coral and Smokey Black) ($49.95) and Evo Wallet (Black) ($64.95).

Cases don’t have to be bland and bulky, on the contrary, we think they should complement your phone.

Get a glass screen protector

What a great idea, protect glass by adding more glass! We know it sounds silly, but what an extra does is not only prevent scratches, but it gives your phone another life if does get damaged when dropped. If you add the protection of a case, then the odds of you smashing your screen become extremely low.

Check out some of the best glass screen protectors for different budgets here.

What to do if your screen does break

There are a number of things you can do when this happens but what you’re not going to want to do is put it in rice – this does not work for cracks!!!

What you can do is:

  • Check if you have insurance

If you do, your phone will be repaired free of charge and everyone comes out happy.

  • Get it replaced

It sounds simple enough, but it could be pricey depending on your phone’s model. When you do get it replaced, consider putting on a glass screen protector to avoid re-smashing it.

  • Buy a brand new phone

It might sound extreme, sure, but sometimes the cost to replace your phone just isn’t worth it, and so for a couple extra hundred dollars you can just buy a replacement.

  • Fix it yourself

You can try and purchase a replacement screen and replace it yourself, although we must warn you that doing so will take immense patience and dexterity when dealing with the little screws. Lose one and it’s game over.

All in all, we recommend you do get a case and a screen protector and insurance. Having all three will save you the trouble of having to worry about your phone screen.

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