Give Your Bitmoji A Fresh Makeover For This Summer’s Snaps

Emeric Brard
on 27 November 2019

Get ready Bitmoji fans to personally style your very own Bitmoji. Snapchat has just expanded its horizons with its new Mix and Match addition, with different looks and colours to choose from.

If you find an outfit that you particularly love, you can save it to your closet and easily whip it out whenever you want without the hassle of redressing your Bitmoji.

Many of the available new options have taken inspiration from real-life fashion trends, including the bucket hat:

fashion, bucket hat

Or even blue hair:

Kylie Jenner, blue hair, bitmoji, fashion
Kylie Jenner

Why are Bitmojis so popular anyways?

Recent research conducted by Snapchat has concluded users find it easier to express themselves with Bitmojis because they’re visual; which is why it is fitting they can dress their Bitmojis however they please.

For Mix and Match to work, you’ll need the latest versions of the Bitmoji app and the Snapchat app.

From the Bitmoji app

Tap the fashion icon to open your avatar. At the bottom you’ll see new options within each clothing section that you can play around with and customise to make your look feel personal.

From the Snapchat app

Tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner. Under the ‘Bitmoji’ section, you can ‘Change Outfit’, which will subsequently open Avatar Design. Then like in the Bitmoji app, use the navigation bar at the bottom to “Mix and Match”.

As a bonus, users can even get even buy Bitmoji Merch, which brings your Bitmoji to life. Over the holidays, Snapchat will be offering 20% off of all Bitmoji Merch.

Snapchat’s research also found that many users were able to effectively communicate without even typing, thanks to Bitmojis. And with Summer months ahead, here are some fun ones to share with your friends:

The ‘Summer’s finally here!”

bitmoji, snapchat, summer

The ‘Taking in the sun”

Bitmoji, snapchat

The ‘It’s BBQ time!’

snapchat, summer

The ‘Ridin’ the wave’

surfing, snapchat

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