Review: Goal Zero’s Sherpa 100PD Power Bank

By Emeric Brard
on 26 September 2019

For the past week, I’ve been using the Sherpa 100PD Power Bank to charge my phone, and other devices.

Charging Power

The first thing you notice is that its charging capacity is very powerful. When at 100% charge, the device holds enough power to charge your smartphone 8x, your tablet 4x, and your laptop 2x. Quite Impressive.

Wireless Charging Pad

Charging pad, sherpa 100pd

This feature is quite cool. I setup the power bank in my living room so that the whole family could use it at anytime. This turned out to be quite handy for when you are cooking or having dinner, and just want to charge your phone for a little bit while you aren’t using it. You just turn the device on, press the little wifi-signal-type button on the far right, then place your phone on the pad, and voila. And the good thing about this is you don’t have to keep turning it on and off to save battery, since it lasts so long already.

power bank, goal zero

Plus, the whole wireless charging aspect of it is really quite fun to do, and even satisfying. The first time you’ll try it, you’ll ask yourself how it even manages to charge it at all?

Size and Weight

The device is really quite big and bulky. You could bring it to work, but then why wouldn’t you just bring a normal charger? The issue with this power bank is that it is extremely heavy to carry around. It is better suited for travelling with, on the plane, for example. However, for a day trip, it could prove to be a nuisance. Because at 656 grams, it’s no lightweight device, and it definitely doesn’t just fit in your pocket.

Final Word

Goal Zero’s Sherpa 100PD Power Bank is a powerful, wireless, slick-designed device that does exactly what it says it does. It charges your phones, your laptops, and your tablets. So, in that regard, you really can’t complain, especially given how powerful a device it is.

The only downside to this is the weight and size, but of course, this is subjective. It also depends on what and how you’re using the device. If, like me, you’re keeping it at home in a set place or bringing it to meetings or events where you may need to have a quick charge-up, sure, it’s perfect. But its heavyweight blockiness can be difficult to carry around with you.

Overall, it is easy to use the Qi Wireless Charging Pad, and it charges very efficiently. Out of 10, I’d give it a solid 8.5.

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