Facebook Makes It Easier Than Ever To Keep Track Of Upcoming Movies

By Emeric Brard
on 24 September 2019

Facebook has introduced a new “Movies” tab in the menu that allows users to save receive alerts on the release of movies that they might be interested in. Here’s how it works.

Now, when people see an ad for a movie that interests them on their News Feed, they can simply tap on an “Interested” button, like with events, in order to receive a notification that lets us know that the movie is now out in the cinemas.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a movie and thought “ooo that looks interesting. I’ll have to go see that!” only to completely forget it ever existed a few weeks later.

With movie reminder ads, people can easily stay informed about the movies they want to see, and movie marketers can reach a group of moviegoers that have indicated strong interest in their movie.” said Will Easton, Managing Director, Facebook Australia and New Zealand

It even displays sessions times, dates and lets you buy tickets straight from the app.

Facebook is also now introducing movie showtime ads for movies that are already in cinemas. Now when users come across an ad, all they have to do is tap on the “Get Showtimes” button to get redirected to the Facebook movie detail page find out the whereabouts of the movie, and when to go see it, all from within the app.

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This will help people connect with the movies they love, with the ability to purchase a movie ticket at an Event Cinema with the touch of a button.” said Luke Mackey, Director of Entertainment, Event Cinemas

So, if you’re a cineholic, then you’re going to love Facebook’s new Movies tab. You’ll be sure to never miss a release that interests you, you’ll be able to book tickets and find session times, all in just a few simple steps. Let the movies roll!

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