Google Assistant Is Now Available On LG AI ThinQ TVs In Australia

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on 19 September 2018

The 65-inch OLED screen looks daunting but slim in the room. The images on the screen have such deep, vivid colours, you’ll be forgiven for taking a few minutes just to stare at their rich beauty. And now, LG AI ThinQ TVs also have Google Assistant firmly integrated on nearly all 2018 models. Life is good!

As part of LG’s global strategy to raise the bar for voice recognition solutions enabled with LG’s ThinQ platform and the Google Assistant built in, LG first announced that the Google Assistant would be built into its TVs at CES 2018.

Now, that AI is available in Australia as well.

With the Google Assistant built in, LG’s 2018 AI ThinQ-enabled TVs offer a streamlined experience that’ll allow you to manage your daily tasks, find answers to nagging questions, or control other compatible smart home devices.

There’s a simple joy in being able to talk into your TV remote (the magic remote), and ask your TV to open up Netflix, look up tickets to China, or browse for good restaurants and events nearby – just press and hold the mic button and ask for information.

Wanna know the weather forecast in your city or somewhere else, a nearby restaurant’s hours, or the latest sports scores? Or would you like to dim the lights without interrupting your viewing experience? Your LG ThinQ AI TV can now do it all!

You can also relive your favorite moments from a recent trip or a night out with friends, by displaying pictures from Google Photos.

With help from the Google Assistant, LG’s AI TVs can serve as the centre of your smart home, with access to numerous devices such as:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Thermostats.
  • Air purifiers.
  • Coffee machines and tea kettles.
  • Smart lighting.

The fact that Google Assistant is compatible with more than 5,000 smart devices across hundreds of popular brands, works out really well because that makes it easier to control speakers and other smart home devices connected via Wifi or Bluetooth.

On top of the Google Assistant integration, LG’s AI TVs use LG’s exclusive deep learning technology which allows viewers to use natural language to quickly and easily connect such TVs to external devices or search for specific information or content simply by issuing a verbal request.

No more maneuvering ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ keys or going through the ‘Menu’ or ‘Settings’ options to find out how and what you can do to make a device function the way you want it to. Voice recognition essentially makes the whole process so intuitive, it’s almost ridiculously easy! For e.g. switching TV channels, turning the volume up or down, turning it off when a show is over, reminding you when your favorite show is about to air, or finding the best content for you to watch – these are just a few ways ThinQ can help you enjoy your daily watching experience. Think of it as an invisible, super-efficient butler who knows you better than anyone else, and whose sole purpose is to make your life more easy-going and efficient.

Now who wouldn’t want that?

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