Google The Best Vegetarian App For Girls

Google The Best Vegetarian App For Girls

Being a vegetarian and a bad cook in same time can be very tricky, which is my case. So I intensively searched for some very good vegetarian apps to help me in the kitchen department. I googled many many (yes twice) vegetarian apps, I tried few and some were really disappointed not only by the poor layout or difficult recipes but as well by the horrendous interface users, meaning the way you browse the app, some were well… simply bad. It was time to Google the best vegetarian app for girls, and trust me it doesn’t mean that the app is on the first Google’s page that is a good one. I always tried apps before mentioning them in Women Love Tech. So conclusion, many bad veg apps out there so let’s concentrate on one of my favourite is Green Kitchen.

First it’s beautifully designed, easy to use with browsing great pics, recipes and it giving some informations as such gluten free, 1-00& vegan, raw, whole grain or naturally sweetened. Green Kitchen was the best app 2012, I’m not surprised. So let’s go deeper in this app.

As seen on Apple’s iPad TV ads! • Reached #1 in Food & Drink category in 50+ countries • 190+ 5 star reviews • 300+ 5 star ratings • Runner up in “Best of App Store 2012” •

“Beautiful photos and a world-class user interface will whet the appetites of vegetarians and omnivores alike as the cook the easy-to-follow recipes in this stellar app” Editors Choice – Runner Up in the Best of 2012 for iPad

Google The Best Vegetarian App For GirlsGreen Kitchen is an inspiring source of organic and tasty vegetarian food, with ingredients straight from nature and a bare minimum of gluten, sugar and dairy products used. Enjoy and be delighted by creative recipes with drop dead gorgeous photos and detailed, easy to follow, instructions.

Regardless if you just need to spice up your vegetarian lifestyle or having veggies over for a dinner – Green Kitchen is your perfect companion in your kitchen or while planning from your sofa.


→ A good variety of main courses, snacks and healthy drinks.

→ 96 handpicked premium recipes.

→ A seamless switch from US to metric units.

→ Save your favorites so you can return to them quickly on any device.

→ Several photos for each recipe!

→ Shopping list: Just email or SMS the ingredients to your iPhone!

Google The Best Vegetarian App For Girls

→ Share or brag about your cookery on Facebook and Twitter!

→ Estimated cooking time for each recipe.

→ All recipes are marked if they are vegan, raw, gluten free, sugar free or whole grain.

→ Step by step cooking instructions, tap on a step to mark it as completed.

→ Universal app – run it on both your iPhone and your iPad

→ Stunning Retina graphics!

“Proving that even wholesome vegetarian recipes can make for tantalizing food porn” — Bon Appétit

On my side, my recipes inspired from Green Kitchen do not quite look like their pictures but at least I’m not afraid anymore to make myself sick (it happened before). Those great recipes give me back a bit of my proud and my butter pumpkin soup will be soon notified in the Michelin Guide 🙂 Bon Appetit!


Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is a contributor for Women Love Tech. Frederique, who launched the website, has more than ten years in multimedia, graphic and web design. Born in France, she lives in Sydney with her French Bulldog Oscar.

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