John Krasinski Has Some Good News And Plenty Of It

By Emeric Brard
on 21 May 2020

If you turn off the news because it’s full of negativity, then try tuning into Some Good News by The Office star, John Krasinski on YouTube.

With the help of some guests along the way, Krasinski steers away from all the bad news and shines a light on the positive things happening around the world.

Just watch the above trailer for a quick belly laugh.

In the first episode, John Krasinski starts with what is a fitting entry: a live chat with Steve Carrell – the one and only Michael Scott from The Office. He also covers some of the highlights of the week including inspiring images and heart-warming videos of the support going out to the united essential workers all over the world.

To get your fix of joy and hope, watch the first episode of ‘Some Good News’, below:

The show is now 8 episodes in with the latest being a special dedication to the SGN community for all the support that they’ve shown. Fans from around the world have shown their appreciation through the countless tweets and even their own creative illustrations.

Some Good News

He looks back at some of the highlights of the past few weeks, the guests, the fans and some of the most positive and heartwarming moments making it through these trying times.

Some Good News, John Krasinski

The week before, for episode seven, Krasinski hosted a dream episode for all The Office fans out there where some of the cast of the popular show made an appearance for some lucky married couples.

John Krasinski’s show has been like a ball of fuzzy, warm hope in what has otherwise been a very difficult and uncertain time. If you haven’t watched his show up until now, we strongly recommend you go back to the very first episode and watch from start to finish. Because we could all do with Some Good News.

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