Here’s How To Avoid Vacuuming: Buy A Dyson Cyclone V10

By Women Love Tech
on 13 June 2018

When the Dyson Cyclone V10 landed on our doorstep, my husband thought both Father’s Day and Christmas had arrived early.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that this piece of technology would have him so entranced I’d never have to vacuum again.

Why? Well because it’s now actually fun.

So with that said, this review comes with a disclaimer: it’s written by my husband Jonathan Townsend.

And here’s a fun fact: We bought our first Dyson when we got married 23 years ago and while it’s been fixed a few times (by Dyson), it still works.

Here’s Jo’s Review:

Let’s face it, it’s not often a bloke gets a mild thrill at putting together a new vacuum cleaner. Really? Yes, really. Even the name, Dyson Cyclone v10, conjours up an image of something that goes from 0-60 in a hurry. It has a cool barrel for collecting dust, think Star Wars trooper’s laser gun. Not to mention that trigger.

Why would you not want to squeeze it?

You see, I’ve got you interested. But surely, I hear you say, it’s one of those charge up 12 volts things that has the suction power of your pet tropical fish. No direct power source and a battery that will expire faster than Barry White running 100 metres.
Not so. Imagine my surprise when I attached the tube and carpet head or whatever it’s called and pulled the trigger. Wow! I swear the carpet visibly lifted with the suction power of a grouper. And it kept going and going, sucking up every vile crumb of filth our carpet had to serve up.
The new Dyson has the suction of a grouper
Dare I say it was fun to use? So easy – no cord getting stuck on the skirting board or suddenly reaching it’s end, simultaneously pulling out the plug to dramatic loss of power (yes, I confess, I’m the family hooverer, if you understand or rather forgive the verb).
Dyson have got cornering to an art form, not too much understeer and comes straight out of any bend. Altogether very easy to handle and incredibly quiet. Don’t expect the grunt of a V8, more the whisper of a Tesla.
The pit stops are fast with a quick release leaver dumping dust directly into any bin within 5.2 seconds on my stop-watch. Then you’re off again, 0-60 in the pull of that trigger. This is fun, I promise.


Dyson Cyclone V10
A delicate rug maybe? No matter, flick the volume knob down to 1 from 3 and the suction reduces. No damage.
Finished? Simply stick in recharge plug and leave. The lights start tripping reassuringly and soon back to full charge.
Need to vacuum the car? Even easier – attach thin cleaning pipe directly to main body and off you go. More power than you can imagine to uplift months of crap from those nooks and crannies around that gear stick.
All done and dusted. So, just remember, when is Father’s Day?
* Jo Townsend is married to the publisher of Women Love Tech Robyn Foyster

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