Here’s Our Review of the New Motorola Mobile – the Edge 30 Fusion

By Pamela Connellan
on 3 August 2023

Motorola has released three new mobile phones recently including the edge 30 fusion which is the mid-range phone of the three. This phone is targeted to those who want high-grade performance but don’t want to spend a fortune. We took it for a test drive and here’s what we thought.

All three of these latest phones from Motorola have some pretty nifty, high-end features – including high megapixel cameras, high-quality colour production, Snapdragon 888+ 5G chipset, long battery life and rapid charging. Perhaps this isn’t surprising as Motorola was the forerunner in the mobile comms industry – actually inventing some of the technologies which make it all possible including the first mobile phone and the first base station.

The edge 30 fusion is basically a mid-range version of the top-tier edge 30 ultra phone. Of course the ultra comes with an amazing 200MP camera but the edge 30 fusion still packs a solid punch with its 50MP camera. Plus, the fusion’s video capabilities are the same as the top-tier ultra – with 33 million pixels of resolution – the highest video resolution possible on a smartphone today.

So, you’re still getting a premium build, a quality, high-powered phone – and all in the range of under $900 AU, well under $600 US or under £500.

So taking all of this onboard, there seems to a fair bit of value when it comes to the price tag and what you get with this Motorola phone – especially if you’re looking at phones from other major players in the same end of the market – not mentioning any names but Apple and Samsung do spring to mind.

Motorola edge 30 fusion

Motorola edge fusion
The motorola edge 30 fusion comes with two stereo speakers enabled with Dolby Atmos and a 50MP camera.

The motorola edge 30 fusion comes with TurboPower 68W charging which gets you power you need for the day in just 10 minutes of charging. This phone charges so easily and quickly – it’s right up there with Samsung’s super-fast charging.

The edge 30 fusion comes with two stereo speakers which have Dolby Atmos and this gives them better quality sound. When using the edge 30 fusion to play music in the car, the sound quality was high when playing songs through the phone on Spotify and YouTube Music, showing how the Dolby Atmos enabled speakers transmit more detailed information when playing music so you get better sound.

The fingerprint sensor works perfectly – it’s fast and snappy. I can’t stand it when these types of sensors are difficult to use so this is a bonus. When looking at how the phone presents – it’s curved edges blend in with the front and rear glass so you get a borderless display with a smooth refresh rate.

It comes with a plastic case to guard against accidents but if you’re using this phone a lot outdoors, it could be a good idea to get a tougher case to protect those curved edges. It’s only rated IP52 for dust and water protection so this is another reason you may want an extra case.

Supports 5G so it supports games, photos and video calls

Motorola edge 30 fusion

The edge 30 fusion supports 5G so you can play games on it, take photos and do video calls to your heart’s content.  

At 144Hz, this is one of the best screens for playing games in a mid-range phone. The quality of picture when playing games and making video calls is high. Another nifty feature is the customisable Motorola app which lets you personalise your phone with some nifty tricks. For example, I customised mine so if I made two chopping motions with the phone – the flashlight comes on. Or if I place if face down, it will go into Do Not Disturb mode.

If I twist the phone twice quickly – the camera is instantly ready to take a shot. Or if I do this once more – the phone switches to selfie mode. All of these make the phone easier and quicker to use which is what we need these days.

The main camera on the phone is 50MP and the front camera is a 13MP ultrawide camera lens. I found when taking photos, the phone stabilised the shots so they were better quality. The zoom goes up to 8 times and because of the 50MP – this still gives it very good quality of full zoom.

Likewise, videos came out in good shape with those 33 million pixels of resolution – highest video resolution possible on a smartphone today.

Slow motion does up to 960 frames per second which gives you an ultra-slow motion effect. Also, when you use the Ultra Res feature, it default to 50 megapixels so you can be sure you’ll get this sort of detail on these shots. If you don’t use Ultra Res, most shots come out at 8 megapixels so it depends what you’re after.

The motorola edge 30 fusion comes in Cosmic Grey and Solar Gold

Extending the power of smartphones with Ready For 
The Motorola edge 30 fusion has Ready For capabilities. This means it allows you to connect wired or wirelessly to move games to the big screen. And with Ready For PC, you’ll see an updated user experience like running apps from your phone on a Windows PC or you can easily drag and drop files or images. 

Motorola has some sustainability goals

Motorola has some high sustainability goals alongside Lenovo. When you buy a Motorola mobile phone it now comes in sustainable packaging in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. The packaging materials are 60% recycled materials and the company is committed to using 50% less single-use plastics in smartphone packaging by 2025/2026 fiscal year. The Motorola edge 30 fusion comes in a cardboard box with natural soy ink printing and other materials are at least 60% recycled materials in an ongoing effort to reduce plastic waste. 

So what do we think overall of this Motorola edge 30 fusion phone?

When it comes down to it, the edge 30 fusion is an ideal mid-range phone and it gives you a whole lot of phone for the price. It will match the performance of pretty much anything on the market in this price range with features including a sleek screen, all-day battery, snappy camera, nifty customising options and rapid charging.

There only negatives would be the fact you’re going to have to look after this phone carefully – or get it a tougher case. But this can be handled so we can highly recommend this smart phone.

For more information about these new phones, you can visit Motorola here.

About Motorola: Motorola was a major player in the creation of the mobile communications industry. The company invented many of the protocols and technologies which make mobile communications possible, including the first mobile phone and the first base station.  All mobile phones are designed and manufactured by Motorola Mobility LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo. 

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