Motorola Releases 3 New Mobiles With High-end Features But Less Of A High-end Price Tag

Pamela Connellan
on 23 September 2022

Motorola has upped the ante in the smartphone market with the launch of three new mobiles which all feature some pretty nifty, high-end features – including high megapixel cameras, high-quality colour production, long battery life and rapid charging. But there seems to be more value when it comes to the price tag, especially if you’re looking at phones from other major players in the same end of the market.

Motorola launched the three new devices globally this week – the motorola edge 30 ultra, motorola edge 30 fusion and motorola edge 30 neo. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer with these new edge devices.

Motorola Edge Ultra 30
The motorola edge 30 ultra has a 200MP camera – the highest resolution camera on a smartphone so far.

motorola edge 30 ultra – with a 200MP camera!

The motorola edge 30 ultra has the industry’s highest resolution camera so far at 200MP on the main camera sensor. The sensor eliminates unwanted shakes and the 8K video recording capability captures over 33 million pixels of resolution – the highest on a smartphone today. On the front, a 60MP front camera captures high-quality selfies with one of the highest resolution front-facing cameras so far.

Along with these features, the edge 30 ultra comes with 3D curved glass on the front and fingerprint-resistant coating. The back of the phone has a soft matte finish and the front of the phone has an endless edge display which is nearly bezel-free – specially designed to light up in different ways for notifications. These notifications can be personalised by choosing from five colour options.  

When you need to recharge, this phone has fast charging to give you a full recharge in seven minutes. This is achieved at 125W speeds with one of the fastest TurboPower chargers. It also comes with wireless charging so you can even give a little battery life to a friend who needs it. 

All up, the motorola edge 30 ultra retails for AU $1399.

Motorola Fusion
The motorola edge 30 fusion comes with two stereo speakers enabled with Dolby Atmos and a 50MP camera.

motorola edge 30 fusion

The motorola edge 30 fusion comes with TurboPower 68W charging which gets you power for the day in just 10 minutes of charging. This phone comes with two stereo speakers enabled with Dolby Atmos for better quality sound.

The phone has symmetrically curved edges that blend with the front and rear glass. It also comes with a borderless display that has a remarkably smooth refresh rate for a seamless user experience. 

The motorola edge 30 fusion boosts performance from the previous generation of phones – whether its playing games, capturing photos and videos or video calls – all while supporting 5G.  

The motorola edge 30 fusion retails for AU $899.

Motorola edge neo 30
The motorola edge 30 neo is the entry device of these new phones but it’s the first device to have a Pantone chip which integrates colour across the user interface.

motorola edge 30 neo

The motorola edge 30 neo is the entry device of the edge family so it offers a smaller, more compact form factor yet still has strong specs. It’s also the first device to arrive in the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2022, Very Peri, as part of Motorola’s long-term partnership with Pantone. A subtle Pantone chip inlay features on the back of the device and an option to personalise the phone by integrating colour across the user interface. 

Even with the smaller size, Motorola still has long lasting battery life and an LED band wraps around the camera housing, lighting in different ways to notify you of incoming alerts without being disrupted. As well, it has two cameras on the back and on the front, there’s one camera with Quad Pixel technology for selfies.  

Like the motorola edge 30 fusion, it also has TurboPower 68W charging that gets you power for the day in 10 minutes, with the addition of wireless charging.

The motorola edge 30 neo retails for AU $599.

Extending the power of smartphones with Ready For 
The motorola edge 30 ultra, edge 30 fusion and edge 30 neo all have Ready For capabilities. This allows you to connect wired or wirelessly to move games to the big screen. And with Ready For PC, you’ll see an updated user experience like running apps from your phone on a Windows PC, dragging and dropping files or images, and even copy and paste between devices. 

Keeping up with sustainability goals

Motorola has kept to some high sustainability goals with these phones all having sustainable packaging with 50% less single-use plastics in the packaging. The three new edge devices arrive with a plastic-free box that features natural soy ink printing and uses over 60% post-consumer recycled materials in an ongoing effort to reduce plastic waste.

Kurt Bonnici, Head of Motorola for Australia and New Zealand said of the phones: “The launch of our newest motorola edge devices is a huge step forward in the way Motorola delivers the most cutting-edge technology to market. Whether it’s setting new standards in power, performance, cameras, display or design, our edge devices continue to push the boundaries of traditional flagship smartphone conventions.” 

Motorola’s multi-year strategic partnership with Pantone will combine Motorola’s innovation-focused technology leadership with Pantone’s expertise in colour trending and forecasting, to empower self-expression through the intersection of colour and technology. 

Throughout the long-term partnership, Motorola will benefit from Pantone’s unparalleled knowledge via access to Pantone’s Colour Institute experts and a subset of curated colours that will feature strong design trends, including the much-lauded Pantone Colour of the Year. The motorola edge 30 neo is the first device to arrive in this colour: Very Peri. 

“We know that smartphones are more than just tools for communication. They have become a vessel for expression, representing who we are,” says Bonnici. “Colour plays a huge part in this – it is incredibly powerful and just like our smartphones, helps us tell our story and connect with the world around us.” 

For more information about these new phones, you can visit Motorola here.  

About Motorola: Motorola created the mobile communications industry – the company invented many of the protocols and technologies which make mobile communications possible, including the first mobile phone and the first base station.  All mobile phones are designed and manufactured by Motorola Mobility LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo. 

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