Hey Let’s Go And Feel A 4DX Movie

Jo Munro
on 26 October 2017

With the introduction of the 4DX movie experience we will no longer be asking our friends if they want to go and see an action movie. It is now all about the experience.

If you love a blockbuster you will love how immersed this experience makes you feel. With specially designed motion chairs that move the audience to match the action on screen, and environmental effects such as wind, bubbles, fog, fragrance and lighting all these elements work to bring the big screen to life.   This experience feels a little like a cinema rollercoaster.

So what should you expect when you see a 4dx movie?

The seats are in blocks of four and they move synchronised with the action in the movie. The seats are also equipped with several dispensers including fragrance so you can literally smell the burning tyres or that pot of fresh coffee. Is it raining in the movie you are seeing? Well, expect a shower in the cinema too however, you can turn this function off with a switch on your chair. The wind machine kicks in whether it is a gentle breeze or turbulent storm your movie heros are experiencing and therefore you are too.

Is it expensive?

It is within the range of movie ticket experiences like gold class and premium tickets. Current pricing is

  • Adults – Weekday $ 30.00
  • Children – Weekday $ 24.00
  • Student/Concession – Weekday $ 26.50
  • Senior – Weekday $ 21.00

A $1.20 booking fee applies for online/phone bookings. 3D glasses are available for an additional $1.00, and are yours to keep and reuse on future visits.

Is this experience for everyone?

Much like a rollercoaster there are some recommendations on who should go on this movie ride!

Due to safety requirements, the following guests will not be admitted to a 4DX presentation:

  • Children aged 3 and under
  • Guests under 100 cm tall.

Other considerations are those who have allergies or breathing issues – remember the fragrance dispenser? Motion sickness is a consideration as these chairs move around quite a bit and if you are in the middle of a battle with Thor or taking on the dark side of the force be prepared to be jolted, tilted, rocked and rolled.   The flashing strobing lights are also to be considered for those who have epilepsy.

My Recommendation

Go and expect to have a ball. Remember to keep the lid on your cup and eat your chocktop quickly to avoid spillage. Is this a first date? Don’t wear that expensive silk shirt as the splashing, rain and mist may stain it. Dress for the fun, go with a spirit of adventure, and be ready to leave the cinema exhilarated as you will feel like you have actively participated in the story, not just sat back and watched it roll by.

Village open Australia’s very first four-dimensional, 4DX cinema at Village Cinemas Century City in Melbourne’s south-east on Friday 27 October 2017. Upcoming 4DX films included: Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jumanji.

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