Hinge Update: Show Your Authentic Self With New Video And Poll Prompts

Alice Duthie
on 21 September 2022

Hinge has just launched two exciting new interactive experiences to bring profiles to life. Now, you can communicate more authentically with Video Prompts and Poll Prompts! Below, we break down how these fun new features work, as well as tips to make the most of them.

Video Prompts

Video Prompts allows you to create 30 second videos for your profile right within the app, without any filters or editing. Yes, recording and sharing a video directly on the app sounds a bit “UnHinged”, but according to Hinge, 60% of daters said seeing a potential match’s unfiltered videos on their profile would help them decide who they want to get to know!

  • The most popular new video-specific Prompts so far include:
    • “Rate my fit”
    • “Hi from me and my pet” 
    • “I’m a 10 but” 

Here are the top tips for using Video Prompts from Logan Ury (she/her), Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science:

Show off your sense of humor: Bring your profile to life with a self-deprecating joke, a funny impression, or a silly shot of you and your pup. One of the most popular Video Prompts so far is “Hi from me and my pet.” 

Lights, camera, action: Take a few minutes to set up the show so you look your best. Make sure there’s natural light on your face and that your background is clean and inviting. Don’t distract a potential match with your messy room or horror movie lighting. 

Keep it conversational: You’re not applying to a Shakespeare production. Talk to us like you’d talk to a friend. 

Get creative: Showcase a musical talent or tell a silly dad joke.

Show your silly and playful side: You’re showing someone what it would be like to date you, a lot of which is being in conversation with you. 

Record when you’re at your best: We can hear (and see!) that smile in your voice. Pump yourself up before recording by listening to your favourite music or doing a few jumping jacks. 

Poll Prompts

Poll Prompts is a first-of-its-kind feature that allows you to add interactive polls with three potential answers for someone to choose from. Boring one word introductions can now be kept in the past!

  • Examples of some of the poll Qs include:
    • “Two truths and a lie,”
    • “Instead of getting drinks, let’s”
    • “Pick the best one.” 

Here are some of Logan’s tips for using Poll Prompts:

Grab their attention by creating a hook: One of the best ways to start a conversation is to have a conversational hook — something that someone can grab onto to start talking to you. Polls are a great way to engage someone.

Cut to the chase: Feel strongly about DC vs. Marvel? Want to date someone who is into the same music as you? Polls can help you find out if you and your potential match are on the same page or the differences you have. 

Tell us more about you: Polls are like extra credit. You don’t have to do them but they put you at an advantage. 

Share a hot take: Polls are the perfect way to show us what matters to you. For example, set up a poll with “We’ll instantly hit it off if” or “Pick the most underrated” to see if someone shares your quirky views. 


Be sure to update your profile with the latest features to make the most out of your Hinge experience!


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