Hip Hop Kangaroo And Friends Gives Every Child An Excuse To Use An iPad

By Women Love Tech
on 8 April 2021

For generations and generations, children had been brought up in a mannerism that allowed them to enter adulthood confident that the teaching they had received would give them an advantage in the workforce.

Today, everything we do is centred on technology, yet schools still treat children as if they are in the ‘70s. Ultimately, the way children are brought up needs to be adapted as computer skills are of more value in this day and age rather than handwriting capabilities. By allowing children from a young age to learn via digital means, we are enabling them a head start into their future where everything is governed by technology.

Hip Hop Kangaroo & Friends is the debut app from Lupa Entertainment and is determined to teach children to learn via a digital means while bringing happiness. Children all over the world will be introduced to Australia’s pristine beauty and unmatched wildlife as the app has been translated into 10 other languages. Founder Luke Tregloan says, “Our songs cover a wide range of concepts, from counting to colours to opposites.”

Strengthening children for their future is entrenched in Australian tech company TALi Health and their app TALi DETECT who believe that diagnosing attention vulnerabilities such as ADHD and ASD early within children can allow schools to give required support and stop them from falling behind. They aimed to create a program that isn’t invasive and that complements other interventions to which they thoroughly understand that today school children and technology should work hand in hand rather than giving children a handwritten, non-interactive test that does not complement our advance from the 20th Century.

Founder Luke Tregloan
Hip Hop Kangaroo app Founder Luke Tregloan

Hip Hop Kangaroo & Friends make the most of digital technology by allowing kids to flourish through an app on a tablet or smartphone that they have been brought up on. Luke describes, “We wanted kids to really connect with music and learning.”

Forcing children to write or simply telling them about Australia does not engage them, a problem that is prevalent in Australian schools which ultimately puts kids at a disadvantage. Luke Tregloan and Paul Rowse’s innovative app allows children from all around the world to learn lifelong skills for the future.

Lupa Entertainment are receiving regular airplay on ABC KIDS and other radio station as well as a self-published a range of children’s books to accompany the app

The Hip Hop Kangaroo & Friends app is available now for Apple and Android devices.

More information can be found at www.hiphopkangaroo.com

Women Love Tech would like to thank Luke Van Ratingen for this article.


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