How to Organise Your Work’s Laptop Lending Station

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 6 March 2021

One of the biggest modern workplaces challenges is being able to borrow a laptop from the pool of ones provided by work. Over the years, I’ve considered borrowing a laptop for work purposes, but unfortunately for various reasons, I was unable to find a spare one when I needed it, at the right time.

I’d like to be able to walk into any new job and be shown a tower or bookcase of laptops. It was would be ideal if I learnt how to borrow one as part of the first month’s induction process.

Booking a work laptop can be time-consuming, so you need to know in advance of time and preplan. I’ve seen work laptops that have needed disk defrags and software updates. Why do we continue to under-fund a company’s technology requirements?

Advantages of Workplace Laptops

  • Allows users the convenience of working off-site and from home
  • Allows staff members to have equal access to the latest technology
  • Allows users to test out computer equipment before purchasing one for themselves
  • Cost and maintenance paid for by the company
  • Software licensing paid for and updated by the company
  • Technical support can be provided in-house by the company – saving time and money
  • A cost-efficient way to purchase technology equipment in bulk
  • Second-hand laptops can then be offered to be bought by staff members at a discounted rate, as an ideal way to support their own personal (and family) technology needs

Disadvantages of Workplace Laptops

  • It may take up to a day to set up your remote log in details
  • Laptop batteries can be flat – so you need to allow extra time or book it the night beforehand to allow extra time for charging it
  • Workplace laptops and tablets frequently get stolen or ‘lost’
  • Mice and other peripherals often go missing
  • Connecting the right cords with the right ports
  • May not be compatible with the venue’s technology equipment

I was pleasantly surprised to see these systems may be called ‘laptop lending self-service machines’  or kiosks, and some forward-thinking libraries and universities overseas have them.

Here’s a how to guide from the awesome University of Surrey Library showing you how to borrow a laptop:

How to Name Your Laptops

I’d suggest naming the laptops after visionary women in your industry (if you need a cheat’s guide, look up the kids’ books called ‘Little Leaders’, ‘Women in Science’, ‘Women in Art’, ‘Women in Sport’, ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’, ‘Women Who Dared’, ‘Galaxy Girls’ or ‘Bad Girls Throughout History’.

I’m confident the ‘Home Edit’ team could come up with a rainbow or see-through bookcase system. I need an elegantly designed simple solution – preferably created by a group of female software developers and female furniture designers?

P.S. I test websites with smartphones for mobile-first design… so it would be ideal to have a second version for hiring out smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android).

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