How to Shortlist Your Fitness Apps and Website Programs

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 18 January 2021

If you feel like you’ve become a little too comfortable, or you’ve gained weight while in lockdown or over the holidays, it is the perfect time to refresh your fitness plans.

You can tart by writing down your health, fitness and weight-loss goals. Just make sure your goals are realistic and measurable, with an achievable deadline.

The main benefit of a fitness app is that you can access new classes and you can try out different workouts. Most apps are pretty affordable. Some workouts may require a gym membership, while others need specialist fitness equipment.

The majority of fitness programs only require a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat. Other may need a jump rope (especially for Jump Rope Dudes), booty bands and resistance bands. Foam rollers are excellent for recovery. You can find these at Target, Kmart, Big W or a specialist fitness shop like Rebel Sport or Gaiam.

You may like to brainstorm a list of the fitness apps that you have heard about. This may include recommendations from friends, online paid advertisements, magazine advertisements.

Some fitness plans may not be suitable for older people, or anyone with underlying health issues. If you have any questions, you might like to discuss suitable modifications with a physiotherapist or an exercise physiologist.

After you’ve created your shortlist, write down the names of the programs or apps and what appeals to you about them. Add a column in your spreadsheet and add the price per month or year. Cross out any apps that are too expensive.

I prefer programs and apps that have a trial period – so you can opt-out if you don’t like them. If the company has a YouTube channel, watch a couple of their videos to ensure you like their accent and attitude.

Look for fitness programs that provide a support group – whether that is a Facebook group or an online discussion forum, where you can ask questions about the right techniques and more.

Be wary of plans and apps created by Influencers. Sometimes the before and after photos are stolen and aren’t legitimate to that program. Make sure you check to see if the person has any fitness qualifications, and look for some written testimonials.

Avoid buying programs that are just a list of exercises in a PDF booklet. The better fitness programs will provide you with video examples on how to do each exercise, including tips on good form.


Online Fitness Plans

Here are some fitness apps and programs you might like to consider:

What online fitness plans have you tried and enjoyed? Please tell us your success stories:

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