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TOP 3 Free Weird Travel Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Weird Travel Apple & Android Apps You Didn't Know

Going away for a weekend? Planning some last minute travel because you love to be spontaneous? A multitude of questions to ask yourself before going for a trip. What to pack? How is the weather? Equally, you may not be able to travel just now but want to plan ahead and enjoy some armchair travel. As usual there is always an app for it!

Travel Apps
Travel Apps

We handpicked for you the top 3 weird travel apps you didn’t know you needed. No more stress, look up into your phone, get the apps and you will be ready in no time for a lovely trip.



This app helps you build a packing list based on your trip. Their slogan basically describes them with “Never Forget Your ______ Again!”. You just need to put the dates, location, the type of travel, and the activities you plan on doing, and the app will take care of generating a list of items you should bring. It even checks the weather for you to make sure you bring an umbrella or a heavier jacket depending on your destination.

Available: Android, iOS



Less people are doing long trips nowadays but that will change and when it does you’ll love this app. Let’s face it when traveling on a long journey, the most tiring part is the wait at the airport. The only way to make the wait more enjoyable is the lounge. Yet, without a business-class tickets or a membership, we tend to think that there is no way we can get in. However, there are more options than we thought.

With this app, after entering your credit card, airline status, and lounge memberships, they tell you which lounges you can access at any given airport. Even for people who don’t have any of those things, the app still lets you know about any free lounges or day passes you can purchase. And the best is that it’s free!

Available: iOS

National Public Toilet (Australia only)

Public Toilet App
Public Toilet App

You’re traveling out of state and your kids are asking to go to the bathroom. You are rushing to find a public toilet but you’re in the middle of nowhere doing a hike. This is when the bathroom finder app comes in handy.

It shows the location of more than 18,000 publicly available toilets in Australia. The app includes details of accessibility, opening hours and other features such as sharps disposal and baby change.

It is the official free National Public Toilet Map app from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Available: Android, iOS

Want to get more free apps for traveling? We have more recommandations for you below.

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