How Two Friends Launched Lady-Brains Podcast

By Lucy Cooper
on 9 May 2022

Founded by Anna Mackenzie and Caitlin Judd, Lady-Brains began as friends getting together for dinner and wine, to talk about business, life, and ideas. Now they’re a club for founders and almost-founders who are building brands of the future.

Lady-Brains is less about the endgame, and more about supporting founders through the turbulence and triumphs along the way.

Since recording their first episode of the Lady-Brains podcast in 2017, Melburnians Anna Mackenzie and Caitlin Judd have shared plenty of stories about female brand founders.

Want to know how Jo Horgan created a vision for Mecca? How Maeva Heim built Bread Beauty Supply? Or how Alex from Kip & Co developed her pricing? How about LVLY’s journey to acquisition for 35 million dollars last week? All of these insights (and more) have been woven through the content from 90+ past podcast episodes.

Lady-Brains ask the hard-hitting questions, and takes a deep dive into the creation stories of some of the biggest brands, across all different industries.

They discuss key aspects vital to a brand’s growth: personal purpose, having a clear vision, product or service launch strategy, and brand name.

“Our brand was originally going to be called Piccolo, which is a small coffee,” shared Bree Johnson, the founder of Frank Body, in an episode with Lady-Brains, listen here.

“Our very first packets have Piccolo written on them in permanent marker. That name definitely could have worked. I think sometimes people get really fixated on choosing a name. At the end of the day, it’s really more about the brand that you build around it. That said, it is important to have a strong name. Frank came about through me, Eri and Jess. We came up with it for a client, but then realised it fit the whole concept of being honest and transparent. ‘Frank’ actually started as a brand value. Then we turned it into the name and the overarching concept.”

There are over 90 podcast episodes to listen to and learn from, to hear some amazing founder and almost-founder stories.

Lady-Brains is one of the most top-rated entrepreneurial podcasts in Australia. Known for getting the story behind the story, and bridging the gap between their entrepreneurial listeners and incredible global founders. The hosts ask the hard hitting questions and extract wisdom and the gritty truths from their guests, turning their stories into actionable advice.

Now the two women behind the podcast are launching Base Camp, a course designed to help people in business. Base Camp is a 10-module self-paced online course for almost-founders who want to build brands with strong foundations, without wasting precious time, energy and dollars.

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