IKEA To Transform Shopping Experience With Augmented Reality

By Women Love Tech
on 5 October 2017

Get ready IKEA is joining the Augmented Reality (AR) world and your future shopping experience is about to be transformed.

Here’s what the augmented reality experience by IKEA will look like

To start with IKEA is having an exhibition in Federation Square, Melbourne, called Make Room for Life which will be open to the public for three weeks from October 16. 

The exhibition will give Australians the chance to try these new technologies out in simulated living spaces of the near future prior to the app being launched. During the exhibition, the free experience will combine sensory elements, with the latest ARKit technology by Apple.

The app promised to be the answer to home furnishing inspiration and expertise to help people design their ideal living room and house interiors.

IKEA APP will transform the way you shop

Michael Valdsgaard, leader digital transformation at Inter Ikea Systems said, “Ikea Place makes it easier to make buying decisions in your own place, to get inspired and try many different products, styles and colours in real-life settings with a swipe of your finger.”

Tiffany Buckins, Head of Interior Design for IKEA Australia said, “The world is changing. Life is changing. The home is changing.

“The world has seen more change in the last twenty years than in the two hundred years before that. Urbanisation and technology have changed our lives and the way we live at home, especially in the living room.”

“We believe the living room is the heart of everyday life at home. It is a place for connecting with family and friends, celebrating special occasions and reminding us of what matters in life.”

Over 2,000 products are available in the app at launch which will play a key role in the future introduction of new product lines. The app will be available to in the app store soon.

The Make Room for Life Exhibition will draw on an understanding of how people live at home combining sensory elements, AR technology, inspiration and home furnishing expertise to inspire people to confidently use AR and share how good design can help transform a space.

Make Room for Life

Bridge the imagination-reality gap in a new AR exhibition in Fed Square, Melbourne
18 Oct – 7 Nov12–5pm
Admission: FREE

To book your Make Room for Life AR session, visit: www.acmi.net.au/events/make-room-life-ar-exhibition/

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