New Sonos Smart Speaker With Voice-controlled Smart Speaker

Sonos One

With its all-new voice-controlled smart speaker, Sonos is set to make Sonos One globally available on October 24th.

Sonos make it easier for everybody to listen to music that they love in every room at their home.

It will launch with Amazon Alexa but will support multiple voice service including Google Assistant this coming 2018 aside from the usual features (playing music, podcast, audiobooks, etc.)

The device will be priced at $299 AUD and you can pre-order now at

Sonos Highlights

Sonos Smart Home Speakers

Sonos One works perfectly with other sound products and gives you access to more than 80 music services. Start the music playing with voice, add songs to the playlist from the Sonos app and play music in different rooms from Spotify.

You can either use the device as a standalone speaker or wirelessly paired with other Sonos speakers. Use them as PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR to create a home theater sound.

Sonos Video 

Sonos App

Other details includes:

  • Designed from the ground up to deliver surprisingly rich sound from a speaker of its size.
  • Driven by two Class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, and one mid-woofer.
  • Includes a six-mic array and an adaptive noise suppression algorithm to focus on the right person and ensure the voice service understands everything clearly.
  • Voice capture technology with echo cancellation allows the speaker to still hear you over the music. The volume also intelligently lowers, or “ducks,” when you speak to it so you don’t have to shout over the music.
  • The light on the speaker will be illuminated if the microphones are active.  The light is hardwired to the same circuit that powers the microphone array, so if the light is off, it means the microphone is off.
  • Owners can use Trueplay to easily tune Sonos One to sound great no matter where it’s placed in the home.
  • Sonos One is available in all-white and all-black matte finishes.
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