Why It’s Important For You To Securely Erase Your Hard Drive

By Women Love Tech
on 12 October 2017

The data-driven business significantly demands adequate security. One just can’t afford a security breach that can affect the overall revenues of the company.

One of the crucial things that many IT organizations ignore is the secure wiping of their company’s sensitive data. A little carelessness could eventually give an unauthorized access to your business rivals and competitors regarding your personal as well client’s details.

Here we’ll be emphasizing on the need for secure ways to erase your hard drive that ultimately doesn’t leave a chance of data recovery.


Many of us are unaware of the fact that formatting the hard drives by utilizing the conventional methods isn’t a reliable way. One can easily recover the deleted data from a hard drive by using some special tools.

Secure erasing of the data involves the hiring of professional hard drive destruction services. These services include physical demolition of your storage media drives so that there’s no chance of data recovery. One can consider a third-party agency that can manage this job.

Apart from this, some premium data wiping tools can do wonders for you. One can consider the use of these products as they can securely wipe the data from storage media.

No Chance of Data Revelation

Storing your company’s crucial data on the hard drives is quite risky, especially if you are system is connected to a shared network. Formatting the hard drive of your system may eventually seem to be fruitful, but the harsh reality is: your data can be easily accessed.

The competitors and unauthorized people can find a way to reach your confidential details that no one ever wants. With secure data erasing methodologies, one can ensure that all the sectors are deleted, and you can utilize the drive without any worries.

Moreover, hiring a professional agency to clean your old data is necessarily important to ensure that e-waste is managed adequately. One just can’t throw their old hard drives for dumping. According to the environmental regulations, an organisation must hire a certified agency that can efficiently dump e-waste without harming the environment.

Avoiding Disk Errors

Sometimes the manual formatting may give rise to numerous errors that can eventually damage your hard drive. It becomes necessarily important to follow a procedural approach to clean the drive manually. If you think you can handle the process on your own, you can do a little research regarding the available tools that can help you in this procedure.

Considering the experts is undeniably the prominent way to ensure a secure data wipe that can also augment the performance of your drive.

Preventing permanent damage to the disk

There are chances that you can end up damaging your drive by considering a manual destruction of data. People usually don’t know the secure data wiping, and they end up permanently damaging their hard drive.

One should always scan the drive for viruses and malware before formatting. Malware could be the reason why drive may get bad sectors that eventually affects the performance.


One can consider the point that is mentioned-above that signifies the importance of secure destruction of your data. You can easily wipe your hard drive by considering a reliable agency or a third-party tool.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Janice Cook for this article.

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