How To Improve Your Children’s Academic Performance

By Frederique Bros
on 16 August 2014

Did you know children spend on average 7 hours per day in front of a screen and only 15 minutes of this time is dedicated to learning? But don’t be alarmed. Every parent would like their children to reach their full potential and there is a solution! Technology is your solution. How To Improve Your Children’s Academic Performance 

Parents this article is for you. It’s all about a free app to improve your children’s academic performance. LearnMeter gives parents a quick snapshot of their kids’ online ‘learning vs. playing’ ratio and shows them just how much time they are spending online.

Why Do I love This FREE App?

I love this app because firstly it’s free and by September it will work on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. Secondly, it will help busy parents monitor their children’s activities. It’s a little bit like ‘Big Brother’ but with the best of intentions. Children will learn through a diverse range of games. Parents can also monitor their children’s improvements in real-time while also chatting online as they are doing their homework. You can see how well your children are concentrating, how they compare with other students and it’s simple and easy to use. Need I say more?

How Does It Work

  • LearnMeter is a software designed to make parents’ lives easier and promote healthy internet use. It’s very much a family-friendly software that improves children’s learning and assists parents with managing their children’s screen time.
  • LearnMeter’s unique Learn vs. Play Graph shows exactly how much of their children’s time is spent online with learning and study activities, empowering parents to guide their children to better academic results.
  • Download and install the FREE app onto your PC or any device that you wish to include in your family account and then log onto your LearnMeter portal to see your children’s learning and playing activity.
  • Collects ‘learning vs. playing’ activities
  • See improvement with detailed activity reports

App Features

  • Informative and simple LearnMeter display for each child
  • Access LearnMeter reporting from any browser (including tablets and smartphones)
  • Chat with your children via the inbuilt messaging system – perfect when you are stuck at work!
  • Detailed reports and activity logging
  • Real-time monitoring
  • The app supports up to four children


The software is available now and every few weeks we will be releasing a new feature like content filters, time limits and screencasting so that the software adopts more of a cyber safety model to help parents manage their kids’ more challenging online habits. The full version will be available in September.

LearnMeter app is currently only run on Windows, but it will be very soon rolling out an iOS version. Stay tuned. Until then you can download for free the PC version.

Image Credit: Deposit Photos

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