Interview With A Young Blogger Victoria Marszalkowski

By Frederique Bros
on 13 August 2014

Victoria Marszalkowski is my friend from Melbourne. She is young, and fresh and has a very cool blog: From Sand To Snow. A space where she shares her thoughts, journeys she has taken, delicious recipes, creative ideas and dance-worthy beats… Plus anything else that tickles her fancy.Interview With A Young Blogger Victoria Marszalkowski

I’ve met Vic just before creating Women Love Tech. She was one of my first fans and this is why with a giant pleasure I did this interview with her. Let’s discover what makes Vic a tech-savvy woman.

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

Well.. where do I start? Throughout my studies I have always veered towards things creative, this has taken me through jewellery, philosophy and fashion design. I spent just over half of two gap years overseas, travelling and working around Canada then Austria and France to finish up the trip lounging on the beaches of Thailand for two months. I soon got stuck into my studies, taking on fashion design at RMIT in Melbourne whilst getting as much work experience as I could, flying up to Sydney to work at Zimmerman as well as a 3-month internship at Melbourne’s Nuew Denim in Collingwood just to name a few.

Now I work in finance for an amazing company called iSelect in Cheltenham while I work on my side project which is Luna Life.

Tell us about your site

My personal blog From Sand To Snow is a lifestyle blog. I blog about anything and everything from snowboarding, my favourite smoothie recipe to brands and collections I am lusting over to places around the world I have travelled..even fitness inspiration. Anything that is inspiring me at the moment.

I also have a Tumblr account From Sand 2 Snow, which I love scrolling through – it is sort of an escape for me.

I have also recently launched another website with a label I have started, Luna Life which is essentially ‘Active gear for an active life’ – where I am specialising in Bikram Yoga Towels. I will soon be expanding this to other yoga/active clothing and accessories which I am incredibly excited about!

What makes you aim your site at women?

I guess being a female snowboarder started it for me. There are only a handful of blogs for women snowboarders and majority of them are American and European! I have always been very empowered and focused towards equality for women and the like which has also fueled my passion to share things that other women can enjoy and benefit from.

Would you call yourself a techno-savvy woman? and why?

Yes I think I would call myself a tech-savvy women. I have always been quick to adapt to changing technologies and have loved the modern-day uses that technology can offer to help me work smarter not harder. I absolutely love learning new programs and applicants whenever I come across them, this helps me engage with different ways on all of my blog platforms.

Which kind of smartphone do you have?

Apple iPhone 5s. I use everything Apple. I absolutely adore the sleek, minimalist design aesthetic that Apple products have and the ingenious user functionality. I also use a Macbook Pro.

Name 3 apps you use every day

The three apps I use most often would have to be Tumblr to always ensure my blog is staying current, Shazam so I can source new music whenever I hear something that catches my attention and probably my notes app. My mind is constantly churning over with new ideas that I must write down otherwise they will get lost in the constant to-do list I have!

What is your last Facebook status update?

The last Facebook status update I shared was on my Facebook page Luna Life and it was an inspirational video that is my all-time favourite. It speaks volumes to me!

Photo Credit: Victoria Marszalkowski

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