Inchargebox – A Lockable Tech Charging Station for Families

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 20 March 2023

As a Melbourne Mum of two young screen lovers, Kate Curry was tired of looking at the kids wasting time hunched over their phones or iPads and staring into screens while playing on their PlayStation.

In addition, she was getting exhausted from taking the tech away, hiding it, and later finding shared devices uncharged. On top of that, there were devices and wires all over the house. Then there was the constant searching for someone’s lost mobile phone. 

Kate really wanted to keep the tech out of the bedrooms at night as well. Some of the older and more experienced parents she knows had experienced massive issues with this. 

So back in 2016, Kate decided to create her first model of the inchargebox tech charging station. It was only possible with the help of some fabulous, fun, creative, practical, and talented people, combined with many months of testing different materials and feedback from customers. 

The inchargebox is a lockable powered coated steel tech charging station that charges up to 10 of your devices at once. The station is perfect for iPhones. iPads. iPods, Kindles, smartphones, tablets, TV and gaming remotes, laptops, and more. 

It has evolved over the years to different sizes and colours and USB ports to suit the ever-changing devices! The box is available in mint green, unicorn white, gold, aqua blue, frog green, sunshine yellow, prince violet, pinkalicious, black, and more. 

You can place it on a coffee or side table, or the kitchen bench, as a family’s central charging station. You can also use them in the office or anywhere you’d like to lock away and charge the tech. It is used in homes, offices, hospitals, health practitioner clinics, school classrooms, boarding schools, sporting clubs, and many other locations across the globe! 

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Benefits of the inchargebox:

  • Using a lockable tech charging station can help set boundaries with tech usage.
  • 5 to 10 charging port options
  • Compatible with Apple, Hisense, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, and Kindle. AU/NZ approved. SAA, CE, FCC, RoHS certified
  • Keeps blue light screens and tech out of the bedroom for a better night’s sleep
  • taking control of the tech clutter giving you back time and energy to all enjoy more of the fun and productive screen free things in life. 
  • Setting up an inchargebox when they kids get their first devices is a great way to set good habits

The inchargebox now ships globally and has helped thousands of families and businesses create a healthier relationship with the screens! Free shipping in Australia. 

Inchargebox also sells fun blue light blocker glasses, limited edition boxes, alarm clocks, and mesh tech stands.

To order, head to the inchargebox website


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