Instagram Has Launched Quiet Mode And Yes, This Is A Good Move

By Pamela Connellan
on 24 January 2023

Instagram has released Quiet Mode – a new way for all of us to manage our time and experiences on Instagram so we can focus on what we need to do and set healthy boundaries. 

Quiet Mode encourages people to set themselves healthy boundaries with their friends and followers. It lets them know when they’re not available for a certain period – such as night time. When someone enables Quiet Mode, everyone sees an ‘in quiet mode’ status on their profile. Quiet Mode mutes any notifications and sends an auto-reply in response to DMs from friends and followers.

Instagram says they developed Quiet Mode because teens have told them they feel they need to be available a lot of the time – so this is a way to proactively prompt teens to turn on Quiet Mode so they can have their own time and only be on Instagram for a certain amount of time at night.

Other new features are here as well

Instagram is also making it easier for people to see more of the content they’re interested in and less of what they want to avoid. People can now hide multiple pieces of content in ‘Explore’ at once, right from the Explore page, without needing to click into each post individually.

They’ve also updated their Hidden Words tool—which previously protected people from seeing scammy DM requests and comments—so that users can hide recommended posts with certain words, emojis, or hashtags in the caption. 

Plus, one other addition is an update to parental controls, making it even easier for parents to manage their teen’s experience on Instagram. Parents will now be able to view their teen’s Instagram account settings, including privacy and content defaults and controls. They’ll also receive a notification if their teen updates a setting or any accounts their teen has chosen to block, to help parents and teens chat about these changes together about these changes.

Instagram says these new features reflect its commitment to keep adding more to the app so it’s helpful for creators. Some other new features include Take a Break, which helps remind people to take some time away from scrolling, Sensitive Content Controls which lets users decide how much sensitive content they’d like to see presented in their feed, and nudges which encourages teens to switch to a different topic if they’re repeatedly looking at the same type of content on Explore.

Quiet mode is available to everyone in Australia and New Zealand, the US, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada now and will be available in more countries soon.

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