Introducing Fluid Running, The Revolutionary Water Running Workout App That You Need In Your Life

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on 27 October 2023

Summer is coming in Australia, and there is no doubt that we are headed for a hot one. Therefore, doing your workouts in the water can both be refreshing and a lovely change from the usual gym environment. However, working out in the water can be beneficial beyond that. From being low impact on your joints, to minimising any chance of injury, it comes with so many benefits.

For those who enjoy running, with some high intensity training thrown into the mix, marathon runner Jennifer Conroyd has created the ultimate workout, that will get you serious results, is a lot of fun and a little bit different.

Jennifer Conroyd created the Fluid Running programme and app

Struggling with an injury while training for a marathon, Jennifer didn’t want to lose all the work she had put into her training while she recovered, so she started training in a swimming pool. Eventually, she put her workouts into a program and app called Fluid Running, which takes the boredom out of water jogging, and turns it into an interesting workout.

What to expect from the Fluid Running app

The idea of Fluid Running is that it harnesses the resistance of water. So whether you are trying to improve a skill, get fit, build strength, work out with an injury or with mobility issues, it will be beneficial for you.

The program itself has a shallow and deep water option, and the workouts range from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, because as runners will know, you train at different lengthens of time depending on what you are working on ie. a sprint training day or a long running day. 

The programs are quite high intensity and have little intervals throughout to keep you engaged, motivated and keep your body guessing. There are some workouts that are also designed to help you improve your speed, and others that are more endurance. However, even if you are not a runner, it is an engaging workout. 

You will also discover muscles you didn’t even know you had! No muscle is safe from this workout.

Who is the Fluid Running app for?

This is a brilliant workout for anyone really. Whether you want to change up your workout, if you are nursing an injury, newly training again postpartum or if you have mobility issues, training in water is low risk and can provide a lot of benefit.

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