IVF And Fertility Plan App To Support Couples Through IVF Treatment

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on 22 October 2017

Australian Couples undergoing IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment can now benefit from an IVF and Fertility app that tracks a comprehensive detail of their entire IVF journey.

This will be a huge breakthrough in fertility medicine. MiFertility Plan App, an Australian-designed calendar tool, features crucial alerts and reminders of the stream of appointments, tests, and medicines that couples and 30,000 Australian women need to manage while undergoing IVF treatment.

Dr. Julie Lindstrom, Gynaecologists at City Fertility Centre at Brisbane revealed that one of out three couples encounter difficulties in conceiving.

In addition, apart from the complexity of the process, the IVF experience itself can trigger high level of stress and anxiety for women and couples undergoing such treatment.

Dr. Lindstrom also added that couples starting an IVF treatment have often been trying to conceive naturally for some time and may be experiencing emotional distress. These couples are often bombarded with information and are being told how “timing” is crucial to their chance of success.

This is why with the app, understanding the nature of the IVF process and simplifying everything can contribute to a greater chance of successful IVF treatment. This app is not only made for women but for their partners as well to be more involved.

MiFertility App – Tracking IVF Treatment Journey

In order to support couples undergoing IVF treatment, MiFertility App has been designed to provide track of the IVF journey.

“Couples require support to simplify the whole IVF treatment process. MiFertility Plan App puts the user back in control, by storing all of this critical information in the one, easy-to-access place,” said Lindstrom.

“There is so much to be aware of during IVF treatment, and research has shown stress can actually compromise IVF treatment success.”

“MiFertility Plan is the first freely-available app in Australia to offer daily support and tracking of treatment, dosages, blood tests, and egg and sperm collection appointments. The app also offers personalised alerts for embryo transfer, pregnancy tests, and early pregnancy scans,” Dr Lindstrom said.

Currently, MiFertility App is available nationwide and can be downloaded in the app store.

IVF Journey Success Story

Megan Johnson, 38, from Brisbane shared her successful IVF journey and how it is important for her to have her partner Andy, supporting her all the way.

After completing a successful IVF cycle with her eight embryo, and giving birth last May 2017, Megan explains how she and her partner Andy resorted to IVF treatment.

“We had been trying to fall pregnant for more than a year before choosing to seek additional help and embark on our IVF journey,” says Megan pictured above with her partner Andy and baby.

“It was very daunting at first and was a lot to take in. We would be confused about what all the medication and injections were and when I was supposed to take them. But Andy was just the best and helped me remember everything.”

Megan added that during their journey, there were bits of papers all over their house just to track appointments and necessary documents. That it’ll be fantastic if they have been armed with a calendar app that can note appointments and provide crucial alerts for couples during the IVF journey.

“MiFertility Plan App seems fantastic and really easy to use. It means there is one less thing to worry about at a very stressful and emotional time,” she said.

MiFertility App Features

The features of MiFertility app includes but not limited to:

Key features of the fertility plan app :

  • Easy, intuitive, step-by-step set-up
  • Comprehensive timeline view that allows you to see your entire fertility treatment plan in one snapshot and can be edited at any time
  • Simplified calendar view option to see your daily fertility treatment overview
  • Set personalised alerts, reminders and notes about:

O Fertility medicines for:

  • Stimulation
  • Downregulation
  • Triggering
  • Luteal phase support
  • Clinic visits and other events:
  • Clinic visits/scans/other events
  • Blood tests
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Egg pick up
  • Sperm collection
  • Embryo transfer
  • Pregnancy test
  • Early pregnancy scan
  • Keep a PDF record or share your fertility treatment plan with your partner or clinic using the simple export function
  • Contact your nurse via phone or email, or access the clinic website and information links through the menu button
  • Not cloud-based for greater privacy of personal information
  • Privacy information for the MiFertility Plan App can be found within in the ‘About’ section of the app, once the app has been downloaded to your phone.

Additional features of the Fertility Plan App :

  • Track changes to medicines with detailed updates to the medication history
  • Sync your fertility treatment plan to your phone calendar and/or send a copy of the calendar to your partner
  • Unlock fertility medicine information support for Ferring fertility products, by simply entering a code found on your Ferring medicine pack
  • Works offline, so you can enter and review your information without an internet connection

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