The Last Motorola Smartphone You Will Ever Need

By Frederique Bros
on 6 January 2015

The last Motorola smartphone you will ever need is now available in Australia. The new Moto X builds upon the premise that personal technology should actually be personal. The new Moto X has an all-new design, new authentic materials, and new ways to respond to you and assist you throughout the day. Of course, it has all the latest specs and technology built in, so you get the performance you would expect of a premium smartphone, combined with a beautiful design aesthetic.

The new Moto X: Pure style. Pure performance.

The new Moto X is designed with a sense of style and balance, featuring a curved metal frame, vivid 5.2” Full HD display, and authentic materials such as FSC® certified wood that feel great in your hand. Moto X gives you fast performance with the latest, unadulterated version of Android along with the quickest updates. Enhanced voice control lets you select a custom prompt, and use your voice to do just about anything. Plus, Moto X learns your preferences and adapts to you, making everyday interactions easier.

A Pure Android Experience

The pure Android experience on the new Moto X gives you amazing performance and speed by eliminating unnecessary layers of software and complicated features that come between you and the phone.

available in black

The Performance You Expect

With a powerful 2.5Ghz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, Moto X responds faster than ever with less battery drain. Seamlessly switch back and forth between your favourite apps.

Naturally Intelligent

Motorola focuses on mobile experiences that complement Android, not compete with it. The new Moto X simplifies your everyday life by interacting with you in natural ways. It’s smart, so it learns from you. It’s responsive, so it adapts to you.

13MP Camera

The new Moto X ensures that you never miss the moment. Just pick it up and twist your wrist twice and Moto X is ready to shoot. Touch anywhere on the screen to take the photo.

Prices & Avaibilities

The 16GB Moto X comes in black resin or wood finish back panel and will be available for an MSRP of up to A$749 for the resin and A$789 for the wood finish. Please contact your preferred retailer for stock availability or visit the Motorola website.

Image Credit: Motorola

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