Let’s Get A Fit Bod With Fitplan: App and Website Review

Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 27 February 2021

The Fitplan App and website is a solid and serious fitness app for anyone wanting a professional fitness program created by a team of leading athletes and fitness professionals.

Last year, I joined up to the Fitplan program and tried a couple of the different programs and workouts. The app is easy to download and use. Perhaps the hardest part is deciding which trainer and program to follow.

You can select your Fitplan by a male or female trainer. The female trainers include Linn Lowes, Hattie Boydle, Sami Clarke, Michelle Lewin, Jen Selter, Melissa Alcantara, Amanda Cerny, Natalie Jill, Amanda Cerny, Brittne Babe and more. The male trainers include Jeff Seid, Rob Riches, Brendan Brazier, Cam Speck, Mike O’Hearn and more.

You can also find a plan to suit your goal: think weight loss, tone and tighten, build muscle, booty gains and athletic performance. There are a number of programs devoted to home fitness: Booty at Home, Tone and Shred at Home, Bodyweight HITT at home, Fit at Home Challenge, Home Aesthetics, Home Workout, Stay Home Keep Fit, Dumbbells at Home and more.

Each plan specifies your commitment in days, how many times you need to train per week and the duration of the workouts.

The HD videos have lots of coaching tips so you can feel confident you are doing the right moves. I like how you can track your progress – by adding your weights, reps and time directly within the app.

Fitplan Pros

  • The trainers are all first class with a range of personalities and accents.
  • There are programs of different lengths and exercises to suit different fitness levels
  • Many of the programs require minimal equipment, with some suitable for gym members
  • There are programs for free weights, joga, skipping (with the Jump Rope Dudes), bodyweight, kettlebells and more
  • There is a Fitplan Facebook group for support
  • An Online shop with branded products including resistance bands, sliders, foam rollers, shaker bottle.

Fitplan Cons

  • Some programs are challenging – so make sure you start with a low weight to prevent injury and the dreaded DOMS.
  • There isn’t a nutrition plan or recipes within the app, but this is something the team are working on for a future version of the app

If you are a beginner, you might like to start with Michelle Lewin’s 21-Day Challenge.

I was able to complete many of the sessions at my local Jetts gym. You might like to upload the exercise videos overnight to save on your phone data.

You may like to add a little smartphone stand in your gym bag. However, I tend to just scrunch up my gym towel and prop my mobile phone upright inside it.

Highly recommended.

Head to the Fitplan website to join or find out more information:  https://www.fitplanapp.com/

The Fitplan app is available from the Apple store and the Google Play store. It may also be available on your Smart TVs (US, Canada and Australia)

About Fitplan

Let’s create greatness together. Fitplan is the dynamic mobile app empowering our community to become their best selves. We are fuelled by passion for helping others to realise their goals and making wild fitness ambitions accessible. We’re stripping away the intimidation of sculpted athletic bodies, and replacing it with clarity around how our customers can get there. Fitplan has partnered with world class trainers who have reached their peak, and we’ve created a way for them to share their exact workout methods. Through our content, users get the unique experience of training alongside their ideal physique of choice – making for a healthier, fitter future.

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