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Frederique Bros
on 14 June 2015

I’m so excited to test this new Apple’s gem around my wrist. Finally, fashionable wearable technology is here. I know I’m going to have fun to review this incredible watch, but little I knew how crazy my day will be! I believe I say ‘Apple Watch’ over 40 times just for the day, let’s look at:

My Crazy Day With The Apple Watch

6am – Time to walk Oscar, my French Bulldog. I charged the Apple watch over night and adjusted it around my right wrist (I’m a right-handed person who wears a watch on the right wrist – don’t ask). The model I’m wearing is the Apple Watch Sports Aluminium with the white band. Mickey Mouse is my animated screen saver. Did you know each Mickey Mouse around the World is tapping their foot to indicate the seconds at the same time? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

6.45am – The watch tells me via a light vibration on my wrist that I walked 30 minutes and burn (only) 60 calories. Did Oscar also burn 60 calories?

10am – First meeting in a cafe. Why complete strangers are talking to me about my watch? How do you say in a polite way; “Stop talking, you have a bad breath, read Women Love Tech instead” – hmmm…

10.30am – Middle of my meeting, I jumped… my watch sent me a vibration telling me it’s been a too long time that I am inactive. I had to explain to my client and start moving my wrist in the air – 100% looking ridiculous.

11am – I play with the watch – oh! The animated butterflies changed colors!!

11.10am – I play with the watch – oh! 45 unread emails!

11.30am – Driving back to my office. My watch and iPhone vibrate and ring together, it’s chaotic in the car… an incoming call. Quickly I put my hand on the watch’s screen and the call goes straight to my voice message bank. Rude and I love it.

1.30pm – I receive a SMS from my friend asking what time we are having dinner tonight – I’m using the vocal recording voice text message to answer and suddenly I look like David Hasselhoff with KITT in Knight Rider! Classy!

2.45pm – I created a new gracious way to work in the office by folding my arm with elegance. Total show off.

3.00pm – I had to ask lover boy to stop sending me sexy text messages because they are showing in fluo green on the watch’s screen while I’m in a meeting with a very important client…. awkward.

4.30pm – Walking Oscar, I’m using my super powers; changing the music tune with the watch! I smile.

5.00pm – Still in the street, I’m asking Siri (in French) to call a friend – people are looking at me like I’ve just escaped the asylum… I can’t stop laughing. Should I consult?

7pm – Two hours that I didn’t check my iPhone. All my addictions including Facebook, Twitter, emails and texting tempura prawn emojis are on my wrist. Very chic.

7.30pm – During dinner, my watch is telling me the weather in Paris – my friend thinks it’s an incredible device and that I look sexy with it! Flattery will get you anywhere.

11pm – I’m charging the watch on my bedside table. I think of myself of being the coolest woman, exactly like Tim Cook predicted.

Images: Mine

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