How My Glow 2 Founders Became The Latest Tik Tok Stars

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 2 June 2021

Since Melbourne-based best friends Catie O’Neill, 26 and Olivia Burrows, 27, started the My Glow 2 brand, they have become the latest Tik Tok stars with one of their most successful videos clocking more than 10.3 million views alone.

The pair know just how to remain relevant through the constant evolution of digital trends and they’ve achieved extraordinary success from cracking the formula of producing viral videos which perfectly showcase their signature gloves.

The brand My Glow 2 was born after a visit to Turkey in pre-Covid) times which led the women to accidentally discover an ancient beauty secret amongst the markets in Istanbul. It was in a local Hamman where they were introduced to a ‘kese mitt’ a silk mitt used by therapists to exfoliate the skin during the bathing ritual.

Incredibly impressed with the results the girls were inspired to start their own brand, manufacturing and retailing exfoliating silk gloves and within just 15 months of operation they have achieved seven figure results, despite shipping delays due to the pandemic.

A big part of their success can be credited to social media, in particular TikTok. As early adapters to the platform, the girls quickly recognised that there was an opportunity to leverage the organic reach TikTok provides by creating unique tutorials and BTS clips.

The risk paid off and after less than a year, My Glow 2 started to go viral resulting in a 1,077% sale increase, since they began the account.

Having spent most of their time focusing on the Australian market, My Glow 2 is quickly expanding internationally and currently selling to the USA, Canada, UK, Japan and The United Arab Emirates with Worldwide domination in their sights! Here, Women Love Tech chats to My Glow 2 Founders Catie O’Neill And Olivia Burrows about their success and how they achieved it, plus plans for the future.

My Glow 2 Founders Catie O'Neill And Olivia Burrows
My Glow 2 Founders Catie O’Neill And Olivia Burrows

What’s the secret to becoming a Tik Tok star?

There are 3 keys success factors to building an audience on TikTok; provide value in a creative form, be authentic, and remain consistent. The algorithm measures how long a video has been watched and how many comments, likes, downloads, and shares it receives. Therefore it is important to create highly engaging content that will keep the attention of the viewer and spark conversation.

As a brand in the modern globalised market, having just a great product that works is no longer enough; consumers are seeking and expecting more. With this in mind, we provide value to our consumer by storytelling and showcasing an authentic insight into behind the scenes of our business in short form, creative videos. A minimum of 2 TikTok videos per day is shared on our platform.


What does it mean for your business?

TikTok provides us with a platform to organically reach a large audience on an international scale. As a small business, this helps to increase brand awareness on a minimal budget. By sharing insightful content we are also able to connect with our community on a closer level, resulting in an increase in brand loyalty


Tell us what you’ve got planned for your business?

We are extending our product range with a focus on providing result-driven skincare products to integrate into your everyday skincare ritual. International expansion is currently underway with distribution to be set up in the US and UAE.


MY GLOW 2 Growth From Social Media

  • Percentage growth from March 2020 to March 2021: 3798% (March 2021 has been their largest month so far)
  • This financial year they will have turned over $1.1Million (July 2020 – current)
  • The team has grown by 4. They are now a team of 6 in comparison to last year a team of 2.
  • One of their most successful videos of their signature silk glove resulted int the product selling out overnight

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