Mypurmist: The Purest Method To Get Rid of Annoying Coughs

Mypurmist: The Purest and Surest Method To Get Rid of Annoying Coughs

Have you ever struggled with a stubborn cough in the middle of the night? Hay fever in the midst of allergy season, or even the annoyance of the common cold? Either way, the process of getting better can be long and frustrating, and sometimes medicines prescribed to you often cause side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, difficulty sleeping, and vomiting.

These common, yet irritating issues are being addressed by Mypurmist by devising a modern, high-tech device to help you inhale steam.

This drug-free, 100% natural remedy to relieve respiratory difficulties also helps with sinusitis, allergies, hay fever, colds, laryngitis, and coughs. By using ultrapure sterile water (which then becomes 99.9% pure air thanks to a medical grade HEPA), a patented capillary force vaporiser generates instant germ-free warm mist, which of course can be tweaked to personal preference/need. A medical grade HEPA filter purifies the air 99.9%.

The lead singer of Mamma Mia, Georgia Kate Haege, explains why Mypurmist is useful to her and what her preferences are, given the eight shows she performs a week:

“It really helps alleviate all that dryness, hoarseness and any irritation”. It’s neither bulky nor heavy and can be used at all times (it has a rechargeable battery!). It’s perfect for when you just want to lie down and relax, no need to adjust your position to fit the mask unlike other steamers.

“And since the steam is warm, as it disperses into the throat, lubricating the vocal cords, it gives off a very relaxing sensation, making it easier to sleep or rest. As Georgia stated, she uses it just before bed to make her feel “sleepy”.

In the United States, Mypurmist has been a hit, selling close to one million devices across the country. Now, Australians can also buy their own at 

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